Performance Based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs)

The State of Rhode Island has adopted a new system to award high school diplomas which began with the Class of 2008. In addition to earning passing grades, students must also demonstrate proficiency or skills in other ways. In order to earn a diploma at Academy for Career Exploration, students must:

• Earn necessary credits (26 out of a possible 29)
• Complete satisfactorily all State Testing
• Demonstrate proficiency through performance-based comprehensive assessments
• Complete at a level of Proficient or better a Senior Internship Exhibition

In addition to the students’ regular grade report cards, ACE also provides report cards quarterly indicating progress in meeting the school’s proficiency-based graduation requirements.

Each of these requirements is explained below in more detail.

ACE issues one academic credit for each year-long class a student successfully completes and a half credit for all semester-long courses. Members of the Classes of 2009 and beyond need 26 credits to graduate. Students must pass English each year to be promoted to the next grade and/or to graduate.

Grade 9
Students must earn a minimum of five (5) credits, including English Language Arts 1 (ELA1), to be promoted.
Grade 10
Students must have earned a minimum of twelve (12) total credits, including ELA2.
Grade 11
Students must have earned a minimum of 19.5 total credits, including ELA3, to be promoted to grade 12.
Grade 12
Students must earn a minimum of 26 credits, including ELA4 and both semesters of Internship in order to graduate.

All students take the equivalent of 6 full-year courses in each academic year. Incoming ninth graders earn one half (½) credit for successfully completing our Ninth Grade Immersion Summer School. Students earn one half (½) credit each year for earning a grade of “Satisfactory” in Advisory. Freshmen and sophomores can earn one half (½) credit for each fifty hours community service completed, up to a total of 100 hours (one credit) over two years. Students employed in ACE’s Student Employment Program earn one half (½) credit for each six months of successful employment up to a total of one credit. Juniors earn one half (½) credit for completing all New England Comprehensive Assessment Program (NECAP) testing. In total, students thus have the opportunity to earn 29 credits, with 26 being necessary for graduation.

The grading structure at TCCA is as follows:


At ACE, students need to earn at least a 70 (C-) for the course to receive credit. ACE does not award passing D grades.

Students who earn a grade between 50-69 (E) are eligible for summer school. Academy for Career Education operates its own summer school in collaboration with Times2 Academy. Students with E grades are not permitted to earn credits through the Providence Public School District (PPSD) unless the course they need is not offered in the ACE/Times2 Summer School. Anticipated cost per course for ACE/Times2 Summer School in summer 2009 is one hundred dollars.

Students whose cumulative grade for the year falls below 50 (F) are not eligible for Summer School and must repeat the course during the school year. Students whose academic performance during the regular school year and/or summer school results in them needing to repeat a grade or specific courses cannot be guaranteed placement at ACE due to enrollment caps and scheduling limitations.