The Academy for Career Exploration

The School for Students Interested in Technology and Earning College Credits

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Become A Self-Directed Learner

Rather than being traditional "purveyors" of knowledge, we coach students and teach them how to learn. As students become self-directed learners, they gain self confidence and tackle complex, real-world problems. They construct the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be successful in college, careers, and civic life.

      Explore Career Pathways

      Click here to see our Career Pathways.  These high school 'majors" help students scout options and begin to prepare for the Innovation Economy, with a focus on advanced Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) knowledge and skills, and emerging technologies.

        School Budget 

        Our Vision of the Future

        ACE envisions a rapidly evolving global work environment in the 21st Century. This environment will require constant learning to keep current with technology and the demands of college and the workplace. Schools must evolve to meet this ever changing need.

        The Academy for Career Exploration is a small, safe school with a "family" environment. Up to 225 Providence students enroll in the ninth through twelfth grades each year. 

        Our Mission

        Our mission is to inspire students to achieve their greatest potential by providing a supportive, customized learning experience that is the foundation for lifelong learning. Our vision is to help students identify and build on their interests, strengths, and opportunities for college and career success. ACE prepares students for the global economy by providing academic excellence and an unparalleled technology education.

        Our Core Values

        We constantly ask "why" and look for ways to improve the world. 

        We respect unique and diverse experiences, and work to ensure all are heard and honored. We assume positive intentions of others as we work together. 

        Risk Taking
        We know we only reach new levels of success and new creative ideas if we venture beyond our comfort zone. We take calculated risks, pause and reflect, as we move to new levels of thinking. 

        Self Awareness
        We measure the effectiveness of our actions. We know ourselves and use that knowledge to ask for support when we need it. We find our strengths and weaknesses and use these to plan actions toward our goals.

        We learn from our challenges and mistakes and use them to better position ourselves for success in the future.