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Geo W/R Dec 7-8

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Wrapping up Unit 3.

Remember your project is due December 12th. 
  • Write at least 2 page report on community gardens.
    • what are they.
    • why do people use them? Why do they NOT use them?
    • What makes a good garden?
    • What are things to look for?
  • Design your own garden (look at some other gardens so you can get some ideas). You will need to draw it! Use a ruler!
  • Use the list of Geometry concepts.  Make a copy to your own Google Docs account (use netbooks). List where in your garden you would find each of the things listed. "You can find a linear pair where I put 2 garden plots next to each other.  They create a line along the edge of the plot split by the separator between the two plots."

 Station # XP Description Time CategoryTags 
 1  20 Quia Activity to practice Unit 3 vocab.  Take screenshot of you as a millionaire and post on your wordpress.


 2   Unit 4 Exterior and Interior Angles     

Geometry Unit 12 Community Garden Quest

posted Nov 17, 2011, 7:52 AM by Unknown user

Information about the community garden quest here:

12 ACEL Geo Community Garden Project

Geometry Unit 2 Patterns

posted Oct 21, 2011, 10:05 AM by Unknown user

Click here to see a worksheet that you can print out or do a screen shot with and make a digital project.

Create a project that is worthy of a HIGH SCHOOL Geometry class as it pertains to patterns.  Depending on the quality of your project and how high the level of blooms taxonomy will determine how much XP you can earn for this. 

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