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Geo M/T Dec 5 & 6

posted Dec 2, 2011, 4:24 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 5, 2011, 8:59 AM ]
COPY DOWN THE TABLE and get everything done everyday!  Pay attention to the time limits you are given. 
  • make a checklist
    • Quest #
    • Title
    • XP
    • Tags
Keep checklist near you to make sure you get everything done during the period. 
You need to work quickly. You do not have time to remember your passwords, to dink around, to check facebook. You need to be on task the entire time!!

This is a vocabulary class
You are responsible to memorize the vocabulary! If you do not know what the vocab is quickly it is going to take you a lot longer to finish anything!!!  Make flashcards and PRACTICE the vocab, postulates and theorems. 

 Station  #  XP  Description  TIME  Category  Tags  
 1  51  20  Finish taking notes with Keeler if you did not finish last time. 

Make sure you post the notes you took to your wordpress blog and turn in!

15 min   Geometry, Notes  proofs  
 2      Make sure you have my class on LearnBoost (this is where you can view your grades). You should have received an email invitation from me. You need to click on the link in your email!!!

 5 min      
 3  53  50  Vocab Practice.  
As always post screenshots to your WordPress Blog and turn into the quest submission form!!!

I am breaking this down into smaller activities.  You can post your results onto one wordpress blog page.

Must get 100%. Repeat until you do.

Activity 1: Quick Quiz 1 
should do work on PAPER. Include pictures of your organized work!!!

Activity 2: Quiz Quiz 2

Activity 3: Hangman.  Take screenshots of each success screen to include in your wordpress!!!

Activity 4:
45 degree triangle practice

Activity 5: Quick Polygon practice

 40 min  Geometry, classwork  vocab  
 4  54  30  Download the showme app 

This app allows you to make a movie of what you are writing.  It also captures your voice.

First take a couple of minutes to play with the app.  Click on the red dot to start recording. Then you will want to talk and explain. UPLOAD to the website. Once you have an account...

EXPLAIN using the showme app about parallel lines with a transversal.  Use the following vocabulary in your explaination:
  • parallel lines
  • transversal
  • corresponding angles
  • alternate interior angles
  • alternate exterior angles
  • converse of the corresponding angles postulates. 
  • converse of alternate interior angles theorem
  • converse of alternate exterior angles theorem
  • converse of consecutive angles theorem.
Draw pictures to go along with your explanation.  You can click on the eraser icon to erase parts of what you wrote or you can click on the icon under it which is a big white scribble that will erase everything on the screen.


Remember we are on chapter 3

 15 min  Geometry, classwork  showme, 7.0  
       Keep working on your community garden project!!!  Click Here for Directions.

Click Here to view Tom Matott Guest Speaker video

Click Here to link to Present dot me where I talk about your project and what you need to do. 
 0 min      

Me talking about directions for project: