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Achievements are things you can earn to demonstrate your awesomeness! There are 4 types of achievements you can earn.  

Questing: This class is all about the quests you complete.  Some quests are epic enough that they earn an achievement all by themselves, however usually you earn a questing achievement for a collection of quests or by doing certain things for your quests.  Quests pertain directly to assignments.

Leveling: When you reach certain key levels you earn an achievement for your accomplishment. This can also be for achieving goals. A leveling quest can also be about in class achievement.  It is not related to the mastery of standards per say, but are things that you do that show above and beyond actions in class, outside of class and with classmates.

Guild - Group: Achievements that a group of people earn.

Just for Fun: Gaming is fun, sometimes you earn the "Can I Keep Him?" Achievement. 

Directions: What are things that you can achieve throughout the school year? Some should be quick and fun, others need to be a challenge and well respected if you earn them. You need to come up with a fun title and description. The description needs to be specific as to what you need to do to accomplish the achievement. 

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