Level      Suggested XP Vocab  Description
 Create      200 Create, Large Project. Apply to something completely new. Project should take a couple of weeks to complete.
 Evaluate  130 appraise, argue, defend, judge, select, support, value, evaluate Medium level project. Come up with something new.
 Analyze      100 appraise, compare, contrast, criticize, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, examine, experiment, question, test. Make a connection to how the learning applies to something you were not expressly told. Tell how it is similar and different.  How would you use it?
 Apply     75 choose, demonstrate, dramatize, employ, illustrate, interpret, operate, schedule, sketch, solve, use, write. Beyond solving math problems, word problems. Explaining what you are doing. Clearly interpret.
 Understand     50 classify, describe, discuss, explain, identify, locate, recognize, report, select, translate, paraphrase Able to demonstrate that you understand it beyond a memorization level. Write out the steps to the math problems. Explain what you're doing and why.
 Remember     30 define, duplicate, list, memorize, recall, repeat, reproduce state Just saying over again what you were told. Not any of your own original thinking. 

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