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R/F Jan 26-27

posted Jan 26, 2012, 11:51 AM by Alicegop Keeler
Anything you want to have graded for the semester grade needs to be turned in this weekend. 

You will want to work on the worksheets for matricies that you received last time (questions and answers are on the previous daily algebra 2).

#57 Algebra 2 Cumulative Questions
You will want to complete this with at least 50%. It might take you several attempts.  Many of the questions we have not covered but they do have directions if you submit a wrong answer, I would encourage you to look over the directions and see if you can make sense of the problem.  Many of the questions are review from Algebra 1, some are things we have done in Algebra 2 and some are completely new to you (Algebra 2).  For example we have not covered imaginary numbers (also complex numbers).  But they are not that hard, look at this website: there are 3 pages, I think you might find that it is very doable. 
Title: 57 cumulative questions
XP: 200