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M/T Nov 14-15

posted Nov 13, 2011, 8:14 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 15, 2011, 9:44 AM ]
Quest 12 due December 12th

  • Link to - create a button on the home page.
  • Download Algebra 2 book onto iPad - epub
    • Click Here to go to Kenny Felders Advanced Algebra II Conceptual Explanations Free Online Textbook
      Download the epub to your iPad.
  • How to use QR codes
  • How to use WordPress app on iPad
    • Install your Algebra II wordpress
    • Click to make a posting
    • Create a Sample post with a tag of delete
    • Type something
    • Hide keyboard
    • Take a picture and add to wordpress
    • Download doodle buddy app
    • Go to
    • Search for graph paper
    • Choose an xy axis
    • hold finger on image and copy image
    • go to doodle buddy
    • click on tic tac toe symbol and insert a picture, put graph paper as background
    • graph a parabola
    • use the stamps to make points
    • click on wrench
    • Save picture to photo library
    • Go back to wordpress
    • insert picture from camera roll
  • Download Free Graphing Calculator App
  • Download Free Spreadsheet App
  • Look at Quest 12 (above)
  • What level are you at? How much XP do you have?
  • Quests.... 
  • Sign up for Khan Academy  Put in as your coach
  • Sign up for Code Academy!/exercise/0
  • (Note here is the activity from last week: you want to master these concepts. A few of you scored low or abandoned the activity. You want to persevere until you basically get it entirely correct.  Unless I say otherwise, you are expected to continue with an activity until you master it.)
  • Clicker Practice
  • Unit 2 Activity 1:
  • Unit 2 Activity 2: