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2013-10-21 Monday

posted Oct 19, 2013, 6:43 PM by Alice Keeler

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2013-10-18 Friday

posted Oct 19, 2013, 6:43 PM by Alice Keeler   [ updated Oct 19, 2013, 6:43 PM ]

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2013-10-16 Wednesday

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Multiplication Time
Order of Operations Notes
Problem Solving Notes website Algebra b.2 notes  Integer Mastery Quiz Practice
Hands and Feet, measuring the MPR
Homework:  Find two websites and write down their name and what they say about doing the Order of Operations

2013-10-14 Monday Algebra

posted Oct 13, 2013, 2:47 PM by Alice Keeler   [ updated Oct 14, 2013, 10:51 AM ]

1) Welcome
Everyday we will start class by coming to the Daily Algebra. There will be directions here. is a shortcut for getting to the ACEL math page. Click on Daily Algebra once you get here. 

2) Let's get started
we are getting some new students today so we are going to try a new system. Instead of Algebra Class this class is now called


I (Mr. Keeler) am your dungeon master.  You can call me Dungeon Master Keeler. 

Based on your previous performance this semester, you will be awarded a base line of XP. Note, we will not be using letter grades in this class. Instead you will quest your way through Algebra, earning XP will will help you to achieve higher and higher levels. 

3) Custom Quest List
You are going to keep track of your own grades. 

You MUST make a copy of this spreadsheet. CLICK HERE
This is how you will know what level you are in the class. 

Rename the document by clicking on the document title to have your actual name instead of "Your Name"

  • The quest list will continue to grow.
  • Please feel free to submit quests I can add to the quest list. 
  • You will NOT have to complete all of the quests. You are able to choose which quests interest you. 
  • Since there will be choices within each unit/module there is a maximum amount of XP you can earn per categorization. Once you max out the amount of points you can earn in a category you will need to complete quests in a different category, even if there are quests you have not completed. 
Go to the "My Info" tab down at the bottom. You will want to fill in your personal information into the yellow boxes.  Your level will be automatically calculated, do not edit that. 

4) Sign Up For Quia
We will be using Quia for some of our Quests, thus you will need an account. 

Note: if you are able to complete a Quia activity unsupervised you will not receive credit.  You will have to do the quest over again in a supervised location. 

Your instructor requests that you enroll in the following class: 

 Class:ACEL Mr Keeler 2013

Step 1. Go to the Quia website at

Step 2. Now, click the area labeled Students. When the next page appears, enter your username and password if you already have a Quia account. If you do not have an account, click the linkCreate my free account. Fill out the form that appears. Select "Student" as the account type. When you are done, press the Create my account button. 

Step 3. You should now be in the Student Zone. Type in the class code MGDK468 in the text field and press the Add class button. Now you're done! 

Now that you have registered for your instructor's course, you can view your class web page, take quizzes, view your quiz results, view time spent on Quia activities, and read your instructor's feedback from your Quia account. 

Follow these steps to view your results: 

Step 1. Log in to your account. (Remember, go to the Quia Web home page at and click the area labeled Students.) 

Step 2. Click on the class name.

5) Turn in a Quest

The Dungeon Master will write an algebra problem on the board.
Use a quarter sheet of paper to write your name on the back.
Write the question on the front and work out the problem showing all work.
Regardless if you get the correct answer, you will turn in quest #3

Go to your Google Drive (
Your Custom  "Slay The Algebra Dragon Quest List" should be in the drive.
If you have not already, change the "Copy of YOUR NAME" part to your actual name. First and Last.

In Column A (the yellow column) you will mark down how much XP this quest is worth based on the adjusted XP in column K. 
Each time you turn in a quest you will want to write down the adjusted XP amount in the first column (yellow).
If you do NOT receive credit for a quest, you will want to replace the XP with a zero and re-attempt the quest. 

Periodically the dungeon master will send you an email with your level in the class. You will want to make sure that your level and XP points match what the dungeon master has for you. If they do not match you will need to work with the dungeon master on reconciling the records. 

Click on the Blue Link in column J which says "Click Here to turn in Quest #3"
Fill out the form and submit. 

6) Go Forth and Slay the Dragon

Some of the quests you can work on independently. Others will be projects you are doing during class. 
Make sure everyday you come to the Daily Algebra to see what in class quests you are suppose to be working on. Once you've completed in class work you can work on quests of your choice. 

Hints on how to use the Quest List
In your Google Drive: you will find your personal quest list.
It is recommended that you STAR your quest list. This way when you go to your Google Drive it will stick out.
Also notice on the left hand side is "Starred" so you can easily find it there. 

Also Try making a URL shortener. 

Now go to 
You will PASTE the URL into the box.
Under that is the option to make a custom alias. This means you can make your own code for how to get back to the link.
It is suggested that you put in something like ACELnameMATH so that your URL is
Click "Make TinyURL"

M June 4, 2012

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R Mar 31 2012

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If you're done with that, and by the way you should be, watch this video and go on to these:
Khan Academy Completing the Square (there are 7 more videos on this if you want, just hit "next video")

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Then, make a model of a parabola using only paper, glue stick, and pens to create a parabola that illustrates one or more of the following:
x or y intercepts
focal point and directrix
the graph of a particular quadratic function (ie y=x^2)

F May 18, 2012

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