All students are expected to be in attendance at ACE according to the published calendar.

The expectation is that school is the student’s “employment” and communication regarding absences, late arrivals, or early departures, should take place as it would for a job.


When a student knows he/she will be missing an ACE day (i.e. doctor/dentist appointments, home high school sports/assembly, etc) they will do the following at least two days in advance:

Email anchor teacher with the date/time student will not be at ACE. Instructors’ email addresses are on the ACE website.

Parents should email or call the front office with the date/time --Kathy--Front Office ; Phone: 503.546.9928


When a student becomes sick the night before coming to ACE:

Email anchor teacher that student is sick.

Parents should email or call the front office with the date/time

Phone: 503.546.9928

When a student becomes sick when already at ACE: Student lets anchor teacher know that they are sick and will be going home.

Student emails or verbally relays to other instructors that he/she is working with that they are sick and are going home.

Student will sign out in the Student Check In/Out Log located at the Front Office and should bring a note from parents/guardians upon their return.

Late Arrival/Early Release

ACE Academy does not have late start or early release days. If a student’s home high school has a late start or early release, it is the student’s responsibility to attend ACE classes, according to their home high school bus schedule.


All students need to arrive to class on time. In preparation for the future, it is important that students exhibit punctuality and responsibility. Issues concerning tardiness will be addressed on a student-by-student basis. In the event that students arrive late or leave early they are expected to sign in or sign out in the Main Office.

Unexcused absences and tardies will affect your Career & Workplace Skills grade, and you will still be required to complete any work (or an alternate assignment your instructor may assign) you may have missed.


Students will not be excused past the absence or tardy if they do not communicate with their instructor. Students should check accuracy of their attendance in JupiterGrades and work with their instructor and the office to correct any errors. Attendance and tardies will be taken into consideration for internships or recommendations.

Students will have two days after being absent or tardy  for parents/guardians to email, send a note, or call it in “excused” for ESIS to the front office. This is separate from the Workplace Skills grade.

Snow Days

Snow days are rare at ACE. Because of the vast difference in the locations of the seven home high schools, weather may vary. If the student’s home high school declares a two-hour delay, early release, or no school due to weather conditions, the student is expected to attend ACE according to the home high school schedule. However, all students are expected to attend ACE, unless their specific home high school is affected. While one of the districts may declare a no-snow day due to ice, the other school districts may not. All students from the unaffected school districts will be expected to attend school as usual.