Charity Ball Committee

Chair             Barbara Hancock

Vice Chair     Kevin Naylor

Vice Chair     Ginger Griggs


The annual ACCJ Charity Ball has always been and continues to be the one social event that everyone wants to attend and one that marks the end of the year for the American business community in Japan. In years prior, the event has also been known as the Winter Festival Ball, the Crystal Ball, the Charity Crystal Ball and the Diamond Charity Ball. The annual ball, in whatever form, has always been a glitzy and glamorous affair attended by some of the most powerful and influential members of the American business community in Japan as well as the U.S. Ambassador and his wife, the Chief of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, foreign dignitaries, Japanese political leaders and senior officials of the Japanese government as well as entertainers from television and film.


1. Currently have a strong core group of dedicated committee members who donate significant amounts of their time to make the Charity Ball a success;

2. It is the premier fundraising event for the ACCJ and provides exposure to areas of the community that otherwise would have no involvement with the ACCJ;

3. It is the main social event for the ACCJ and a way to celebrate the hard work of the entire membership at the end of the year;

4. It reflects the ACCJ’s commitment to CSR and its involvement in the local community; and

5. It is the entertainment “face” of the ACCJ and is the most popular social event for the larger Tokyo expatriate community.