Accelerated English Language Learning (ACCELL) is a Ministry of Education programme designed for students from years 7-13 at the beginning stages of the English Language Learning Progressions (Foundation to Stage One). 

The programme is aimed at schools that

  • do not have access to qualified ESOL teachers
  • have little or no experience in working with English Language Learners at this early level.
  • have little access to support systems/PLD for ELLs

ACCELL is provided by CORE Education Ltd.

ACCELL is designed as a short-term (up to 1 year) intensive intervention focusing on accelerated progress in English language learning.

Students are taught online by qualified and experienced ESOL teachers and given follow-up work designed to accelerate students' progress in learning English.

The aim of ACCELL is to enable students to participate effectively in their mainstream classes and make significant progress in catching up to their native-English speaking peers.

"We have noticed a significant improvement in their literacy skills and also in their confidence to contribute in class."
(Classroom Teacher, Rebecca, St Joseph's Primary School, Opunake)

"This programme has been of great value to the students. Their teachers have noticed an all-round improvement."
(ESOL Coordinator, Pam, Pukekohe Intermediate)

"It has been excellent support in looking after beginning English learners."
(Classroom Teacher)

"The programme is excellent for students with very low English and covers the key areas of learning - listening, speaking, reading and writing."
(eTutor/Teacher Aide)


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