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Allan Controls & Automation Ltd (ACA) was formed in the year 2000 by Colin Allan to meet the needs of full service suppliers to the Automotive industry. Initially the emphasis was on PLC Software design and commissioning, but as customer requirements for personnel who could give immediate effective response increased, ACA's network of highly trained technical personnel become an essential part of the success of many multi-million pound projects throughout Europe.


ACA have achieved an extremely good reputation for their work. This is essentially split into two areas - Service and Projects. Both areas pride themselves on utilising some of the highest skilled personnel in the industry.

ACA have become synonymous with delivering best in class technical content for major automotive customers. 


ACA (Shanghai) Ltd.

In the latter part of 2012, ACA opened an office in Shanghai. It quickly became apparent that the developing markets could benefit from the direction and leadership ACA could provide.

Upon displaying this, ACA were quickly embraced and are now established in controlling automotive projects in both day to day managerial roles and technical content.

Additional to this ACA have compiled training courses for the technical content of the projects currently being undertaken in the area. These courses enable our customers to have an autonomous workforce, thus allowing them to thrive in this world market.

ACA are currently in the process with their legal partners in Shanghai of setting up ACA (Shanghai) Ltd. as a fully functional WFOE. This will extend their presence within this market further and allow for the necessary expansion required to fulfil their potential.