Welcome to the website for the course "Biostatistics: a user's perspectiveunder IISER Pune Short Term Courses programme. This is a 3-day long intensive course on Biostatistics involving both classroom teaching and hands-on training sessions. On the final day, the participants will receive a certificate of participation from IISER-Pune. 

The 3rd edition of this course will take place at IISER-Pune in two batches:  7-9 July, 2019 (Batch I) and 21-23 July, 2019 (Batch II). The course content of the two batches will be identical. The primary focus of this course will be on basic statistical analysis and interpretation of biological data. The amount of mathematics involved will be minimal and the focus will be application-oriented, i.e. on getting the job done without necessarily understanding every gears and wheels clicking under the hood. Please note that the selection for participation in this course is on a first come, first served basis, and the selected candidates need to pay course fees to register successfully. IISER-Pune reserves the right to restrict the number of students admitted to ensure proper running of the course. No further requests/queries will be entertained regarding the same. In case of any other queries please feel free write to s.dey@iiserpune.ac.in

Important dates
  • Application form opens for both the batches: 11-February-2019
  • Last date of application for both the batches: 5-March-2019 12-March-2019 (only for Batch II) 
  • Course dates: 
    • Batch I: 7-9 July 2019
    • Batch II: 21-23 July 2019

Application closed! 

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Glimpse of the first two editions (July 2018 and December 2018) of this course can be found on our gallery page and feedback by the participants is given below.  

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Summary statistics of the feedback forms of 117 participants

Comments of the participants of the first two editions of the course:
  • Very innovative programme.
  • It stressed on how you go about analyzing data and gave us an understanding of what technique to use when. Moreover, measures that should be taken while designing experiments and what should be avoided was also emphasized. 
  • I liked that even though i had been taught certain topics; I am much more confident and have a better understanding.
  • A well-organized training in a short duration which will surely make a significant difference in the way i use Statistics before and after this course.
  • Gave a good idea on how to approach statistics wrt the problems we face in our research. Cleared a few doubts that I had regarding ANOVA and especially the post HOC analysis." 
  • The friendly environment with no boundaries to learn.
  • Helped understand the background and application of stat tests (as opposed to simply understanding how to perform them on paper), and exposed me to the various softwares that can make life easier. That was important for me to discover because I realise that nobody is going to sit me down and explain these aspects of stats to me when I'm doing my research, in the future. All in all, this workshop bridged the gap between classroom learning and actual lab based approach.
  • The Hands On sessions were really interesting and captivating.
  • Even though the duration of the course was only three days, a large number of topics were discussed, and in a manner which was easier to grasp than expected. The coordinator also shared his personal opinions which brought even more clarity to the applicability of the methods taught. Everyone was very helpful and patient.
  • I learned more about biostatistics from this course, apart from what had been taught in the curriculum. The course also helped us in knowing more about the tests we already knew about which made understanding it better.
  • The "users perspective" was maintained throughout and the reasoning and assumptions of each test were explained in detail. The hands on session was also helpful as the tutors helped understand in every possible way.
  • My basics were cleared. I got the logic behind why we choose particular tests and the hands on
  • The best aspect of the course is that it gives an overall summary and perspective of bio-statistics while giving pointers on important does and donts.
  • Giving a intuitive feel of how each of the tests work and when and how they fail was equally wonderful.
  • Liked the hands-on sessions and the knowledge of the professors conducting this course. The food was nice too.
  • The Hand-on-session were very helpful. The detail information about each and every topic was covered.
  • a great effort from the instructor’s side to make us understand the usage of statistics in our respective field and what are the good practices and so on.
  • The faculty was constantly available and helpful in every way.
  • The course covered most of the relevant tests or statistical tools needed for the kind of experiments i do so this indeed was of great help. Got introduced to a new platform (past) which was extremely useful!
  • Hands on sessions were great. Helpful instructors.
  • All the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. The hands on sessions following the theory sessions helped me in understanding and applying the theory.
  • Hands on exercise sessions were good.
  • Got an in-depth knowledge about how to interpret a given data. Being new to the environment of dealing with real time data, this course gave clear insights of how, when and what particular test to use for data analysis. Hands on Sessions were great!
  • The detailed theoretical portion co-ordinated with the hands on session was what I felt the most helpful about this course. It helped me to explore both assets side by side and hence gave me a more insightful understanding of the course.
  • The simple way to explain the statistical methods and the hands on seasons are really helpful.
  • The hands on sessions and the problem sets were useful
  • To make a lot of things understandable very easily and the hands on training with software was very helpful. After the course I'm not scared of biostatistics; whether I'll be able to solve the problem or not but at least I can face it.
  • The teaching style and personal one-on-one attention given for queries during hands-on sessions.
  • All the basic statistical that a biologist new to research might need was covered according to me. Especially the tips about software usage were very helpful as such things are generally not openly discussed during curricular courses.
  • I think as the name of the course suggested, Biostatistics was absolutely taught according to the user’s perspective. All the basic doubts which we usually face with stats got clarified through this course. Most importantly all the instructors were extremely helpful. They made sure that all our doubts were solved. Really appreciated that
  • The topics covered were relevant and not excessively mathematical or theoretical. A course that was too in-depth would not have been of much practical benefit.
  • All the theory was covered well in hands on session and practice problems were provided for better understanding of the course material. The course material was generously made available which will help us in future. The flexibility in the structure and schedule also helped in great way.
  • Learning bio-statistics from our perspective is really interesting, learn real biological problems we face in experiments or with our data. I knew a lot about sampling, data acquisition, interpretation and reporting.
  • The simplicity with which statistics was taught and the minimal use of equations
  • Trainer has thorough subject knowledge and wherever it was less, he felt free to admit, refreshing of basic theory of statistics, helpful trainers.
  • the thing that i like the most is the way of teaching, the friendly environment and the location. i was the beginner in this topic but after attending all the sessions i can say that at least now I know that how the statistics can actually work for a biologist, and how to do stats. i really wanna thank you the organisers for the course. it really had helped me a lot.
  • Approach towards teaching - I really liked the approach taken by Dr.Suteerth dey on emphasizing the conceptual idea behind statistics tests. That really simplified stats for me a maths-phobic person. Now I understand the logic behind various statistical tests and can do their interpretation with ease leaving the computation part to the well known softwares. I was looking forward to gain this confidence and I definitely gained it after this workshop. Support by other tutors:- Will surely like to thank other tutors for being very supportive and patient.
  • Very organized and easy to approach the instructions
  • The course has definitely improved by basic understanding about different statistical tests used on biological data. Exposure to various methods and explaining which one to choose in which situation was nice. Hands on sessions were really helpful. The instructor and the tutors were really friendly.
  • Highly application based and practical and still very conceptual, very knowledgeable teachers, Easy to follow steps and material, in line with what i needed. In all, a very helpful course. Helped clear many theoretical concepts. Grateful to have attended this course. Great teaching style, helpful tutors. As a statistics student the knowledge from this course will prove to be very helpful.
  • Hands On session allowed time to absorb what has been taught during the theory session. Usually short term courses do not provide this luxury.
  • I would be glad if more short courses like this one will be organized in coming future.
  • This workshop is just awsm .I learn many thing from here . I am very much satisfied.
  • A great experience!
  • The course is overall very good.
  • I would like to Thank you for sharing important materials for learning bio statistics.
  • Very useful, helpful and practical. Keep it up.
  • Overall a brilliant initiative which should be kept going and should diversify into other fields of Biology and Science in general.
  • Overall Experience was Good. I would suggest my other colleagues to attend such course.