How to set up an Idopia Account

First go to
After you there go to the top of the page and click on "Be an Idopian".

Before you pick a user name, you will have to answer three questions.
These will vary from person to person.

Next you will fill out your name, user name, password, ect.
Type in your real first name
For your last name type in "Discovery"
Then type in your user name and password
For email, use you academy of discovery email.

Then please answer the 4 optional questions.
You do not have to answer the gender or age questions.

Then Submit
Once you're in you will see the "Top Ideas" Board. Ignore this for now.
Go to "My Page"

`You will not use your "Blog" at all so don't bother with that.

You will see a "Core Values" column.

At the bottom of that there will be a "Manage Core Values" Button. Click it.
Fill out at least seven of your "Core Values"

Your are now an Idopian.