Math homework sheets should be completed each night that they are sent home. They should be checked by a parent but do not need to be brought back to school. They are just a review of what I have already covered with your sweet kids.
Additional Homework begins in January, 2012


Monday-Choose one or two of the following Math activities:

1) Student writes numbers before and after a number. Ex: ___ 20 ___ 22 ___

2) Student counts by 2’s to 20 or higher, and writes numbers down

3) Student counts by 5’s to 100 and writes numbers down

4) Student counts by 10’s to 100 and writes numbers down

6) Student counts coins by values: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters

     (use only one coin type at a time at first and then add mixed coins later in the year)

7) Rainbow numbers-students practice writing numbers 1- 100 (if possible) in different colors.

Tuesday- Sight Word Practice: Choose one activity

                   Practice writing words from kindergarten sight word list* use different colors/markers/pencils or papers to make it fun.

                   Make flash cards of the words below* on 3x5  cards. Student chooses   three words and writes each in a sentence***.

Wednesday -Read books together from Ziploc collection or other books your child can read.                   

                    Student reads one book to parent.

Student copies one sentence from the book on to a blank piece of paper, cut the sentence apart**(see below), mix up the words, put it back together, read sentence. Check for accuracy.

Thursday-Partner reading. Student touches each word as parent reads.

                   Parent touches each word as student reads. Choose any book you like.

Friday- New book(s) comes home!


*Kindergarten sight words:

             a                      I                     is                    me                  the                  we

             to                    it                    of                    my                   in                    and

            dad                 go                  like                  love                mom               see

            can                 you                 look                do                   said                 no

            am                  on                   dog                 at                     up                   he

**Example:   The      cherry      is        red.


*** Writing: Encourage your child to stretch out the word “hhhhaaaatttt” and write down the letters for the sounds they hear. Applaud their effort even if it’s not exactly right. Our goal at this stage is to attach written letters to spoken sounds.


Homework Calendars are to be returned at the end of each month. Please initial for each day you worked with your child and have your child write their name on the back of the calendar. Thank you for your help!