Outstanding Student Awards

Individual Recognition

I will be recognizing students in every class each Trimester!

The following students have earned an award for outstanding attitude and effort in PE:

1st Trimester 

Kindergarten            1st Grade                               2nd Grade                        3rd Grade                               4th Grade

Kate Erikson             Avalon Hill                            Erin Kapitan                       Kaitlyn Adams                      Hailey Berzins            

Jace Garcia               Rocco Smaldone                   Nathan Herre                     Ty Roberson                         Kelson Guns            

Addison Amaya        Ryley Lee                              Megan Wardlaw                 Caroline Dunbar                  Gianna Spangler                  

Connor Black            Jonathan Orr                        Treyton Cox                        Durban Ball                          Owen Hannigan 

Dylann Schultz         Brooke Lamke                      Caitlin Osoba                       Regan Johnston                    Kerra Delasantos

Ryan Aslin                Dalyn Parker                        Myer Vandas                        Nick Montgomery                 Jaret Curran

5th Grade                        6th Grade                        7th Grade                               8th Grade

Sydney Koehn                    Riley James                   Kennedy Dahley                  Amanda Eggebrecht

Robbie Dunbar                  Spencer Graves              Jacob Lancaster                   Cameron Secrist

Abbey Wilborn                   Katrina Merrick              Kandace Damrow               Samantha Osgood

William Merrick                 Nicholas Santiago           Miles Warnke                      Cole Gonzalez

Gabby Burgess                  Morgan Johanson            Grace Whitworth                Olivia Rullman

Tiernan Freiberger           Dee Stathakis                  Grant Humphrey                 Logan Linder

Class Rewards

Great effort and behavior will be rewarded!

K-6th Grade     Each time a class has an outstanding day with good behavior, positive attitudes and  great sportsmanship, that class earns an “All-Star."  When a class reaches 5 “All-Stars”, they are awarded a “game of choice day” in which they can vote on the game that day.  There is also a competition between all K-6 classes each trimester.  The classes that have an “All-Star” each day during the trimester, earn a "Glow in the Dark Party!"


7th-8th Grade   Similar to K-6th rewards, except grades 7th-8th earn a “Game Ball” for each outstanding day.  Classes are rewarded for accumulated “Game Balls” and are in competition with all other 7th-8th classes each trimester.