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Morning Kindergarten
Week of 5-27-14

A Look Ahead:

Tues, May 27th    Last of School for Kindergarten Students

Wed, May 28th    Kindergarten Graduation: 10-11 am with a short reception to follow.  (No regular school for Kindergarteners.) 

For Kindergarten Graduation, please help your student make a hat that represents what he/she wants to be when they grow up.  Be creative and break out the hot glue gun!  (Ex. A hat for a teacher might have pencils, crayons, and ABC's glued on it.)  Or buy one from a store (Ex. fireman hat, or police hat).  Please bring the hat on graduation day.     

Dress code is not required on graduation day.  Dressing up for this special occasion is encouraged!

Please bring your student to the classroom at 9:45.  You will then be free to go back to the auditorium and find a seat.  (Make sure to save a seat for your student.  After the students receive their diploma they will sit with their parents.)  The program will be from 10-11 am with a short reception afterwards.  (Your parent coordinator will be contacting you with snack sign up information.) After the reception, students will leave with their parents for the summer!     

Important Information:

Summer Birthdays:  

If your student has a birthday over the summer, feel free to send a birthday book to school during these last few days of school in celebration of his/her birthday.  We will be sure to sing Happy Birthday to everyone with a summer birthday! (Reminder: We will read the birthday book and then donate it to the class library for the students to enjoy.)

2nd Semester Homework Expectations: May homework calendars are due this week!

Please keep your homework calendar and packet in a safe place and initial each day on the calendar when your students completes his/her homework.  Homework should be completed each school day. At the end of the month, please send the initialed homework calendar back to school.  

Each night that a Saxon math sheet is sent home, please complete both sides of the worksheet.  Also, please have your student read to you each night using the paper mini-books that are sent home and/or library books at your students reading level.  (Currently, students are reading about a sentence a page using the high frequency words that we have learned so far.)  Also attached is a list of suggested homework activities.  You may use these as suggestions for additional practice.       

Dress Code Reminders:  Just a few dress code reminders... 

~Leggings are not permitted.  

~Socks must be completely white or navy blue.  No accent colors allowed.    

~Only clear nail polish is allowed.

~Due to a life threatening nut allergy, NO NUT Products will be allowed in our classroom this year!  Please do not send any food items with nut ingredients. 
~Please send an individual snack with your student each day.
Specials Schedule:
Our specials will be on a rotating schedule this year.  
    Morning Kindergarten:  Everyday from 8:25-8:55
Day 1:  Music
    Day 2:  PE
    Day 3:  Computers
    Day 4:  Spanish
    Day 5:  Science Lab
    Day 6:  Art
~Monday, May 19th will be Day 5, Science Lab
~Tuesday, May 27th will be Day 3, Computers
Library Checkout Time:  There will be no more library check out for the remainder of the year.
Library books can be returned to the classroom anytime in the next two weeks.

Parent Portal Login:  Please log in to Parent Portal, using the login and password that you created at registration.  You will be able to see your student's assignments by going to Schedule and clicking on the notebook icon next to each subject area.  

This Month in Kindergarten

Language Arts--- Treasures-McGraw Hill Curriculum 

    This month we will be studying:
        Phonics:                               Review A-Z letter sounds and names, /ch/, /ck/, /sh/, /th/, /wh/

        High Frequency Words:        Review kindergarten High frequency words  

        Comprehension:                    Ask questions, compare and contrast, distinguish between reality and fantasy, reread, use illustrations, cause and effect, identify setting

        Phonemic Awareness:           Segmenting sentences and words, blending words, isolating sounds, rhyming skills.          



Math---- Saxon Math Curriculum:

The Saxon Math curriculum that we use at ACS has three components to it:  the meeting, handwriting practice, and new concepts.  The meeting is a time when we practice everyday skills such as a calendar, counting, patterning, telling time and counting money.  New concepts and skills are introduced and practiced during a formal whole-group lesson.  These lessons feature hands on-experiences that allow your child to be actively involved in learning.

Science--- Foss Science Curriculum:  Animals Two by Two

Core Knowledge:

    -Map Skills

    -The Seven Continents

    -Science Biographies   

Core Virtue:


Mrs. Johnson

Morning Kindergarten Teacher

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