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InteLex Corporation's Past Masters series encompasses the world's largest collection of full-text electronic editions in philosophy, built upon acquired and newly-developed definitive editions of the full corpora of the seminal figures in the history of the humanities, including published and unpublished works, articles and essays, reviews and correspondence. Past Masters also includes significant bodies of work in political thought, religious studies, sociology, the history of science, economics, and classics. Original language texts are available in Latin, French, German, Danish and Dutch, aside from English and English translation.

Past Masters opened a new and exciting chapter in the history of scholarly research when it was introduced in 1989. It is now utilised at over 150 research libraries in North America and Europe, and at over 600 institutions in 42 countries worldwide. An intuitive interface provides a 'book-like' experience for readers, whilst interactive, multi-level tables of contents and accurate searching allow them to navigate the texts efficiently. Many modules and works now offer 'facing-page' displays, with original texts and scholarly translations presented simultaneously on-screen for comparison and analysis.

Each Past Masters collection from InteLex is affordably-priced and can be acquired individually on a perpetual rights model, with unlimited user access and IP authentication - allowing customers to build their own, bespoke digital library of texts and to add new components, to meet faculty and student needs, at a time that suits them. Institutions acquiring collections from Past Masters can support their print-to-digital programs and free up precious space within the library, whilst broadening and easing access to the materials for researchers wherever and whenever they need it.

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“Superb throughout . . . . Should be owned by every research library serving serious scholars in the humanities.” –by Cheryl LaGuardia, Widener Library, Harvard University

“The company's selection of resources, careful text editing, and sensitivity to the budgetary constraints of academic institutions make them a model of what scholarly academic publishing in the electronic field should be.” – Robert Scott, Head, Electronic Text Service, Columbia University, USA

“InteLex databases . . . are superior publications and a good deal . . . . InteLex is the kind of electronic publisher that academic libraries need most in the 21st century." –Scott Dennis, Humanities Librarian, University of Michigan, USA

Evidence Based Acquisition

We are offering a new model to librarians - Evidence Based Acquisition. This adds an adaptable new way for libraries to expand their resources. Enabling a library to hand-curate a collection is tremendously valuable as a model where you have maximum flexibility to select the individual Authors needed for coursework and research to support its various programs in a cost-effective way. Purchasing decisions based on what patrons actually access ensure relevance to your courses and research needs.

Supporting the move from print to electronic

We’re excited to offer this new approach to provide access to these important resources, especially with the move from print to electronic. You may well have print books of some of these authors’ works, but with InteLex Past Masters you can make scholarly editions available to unlimited users - both now and future generations.

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