Unidos US

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December 13, 2018
Lovette Valdivia
@ Unidos US

From Avance to Downtown LA, Ms. Lovette Valdivia has shown great dedication at her internship with Unidos. Lovette, aspires to become a Criminal Psychologist by studying psychology or sociology throughout her college career. Although her passion is to become a criminal psychologist, Lovette's continuous commitment and dedication in being a social activist motivated her to intern for Unidos. She shared with me that she wants to network with organizations like Unidos, that support DACA recipients. 
Daily Tasks: Lovette, has been working on data entries for Unidos using technology software, like Outlook. Her mentor, Brenda Gonzalez, mentioned that she has planned out different projects for Lovette, such as researching other non-profits that would be willing to collaborate with Unidos. She even hopes to have Lovette help for the preparation for Unidos Affiliate of the Year event. 
Brenda says: Working with Lovette has been amazing, she is responsible and always willing to help and ask for help when she is unsure of the task. She is impressed by the questions Lovette asks, it shows Lovette's critical thinking skills. 
Advice: Lovette shares that interns should be prepared and make sure to have everything organized, and ready for the job. 

Thank you Unidos for continuing supporting our students and allowing them to grow in academic and professional experience!

Avance Middle School (Boys & Girls Club)

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December 13, 2017
Kevin Enciso & Max Ho
@ Avance M.S

Meet Kevin! Being an intern for Avance Middle School has been quite an adventure and learning experience. Two weeks into his internship, he was assigned as a translator for a new student at the middle school. He has been a guide and great support for the student's transition. The Avance staff is extremely thankful for Kevin's bilingual skills and support. Another reason, it is important to acknowledge a second language, specifically that which applies to the population of a community.
Goals: Kevin seeks to potentially create his own business and/or open up his own company.
Hobbies: Aside from school, Kevin enjoys biking with his friends, is a fan of food & movies.
Advice for future interns: "Be patient and take initiative." He says this specifically, because although he was assigned to translate and support one of Avance's new students he has also had to support other students in the classroom.

Kevin Enciso (left), Mrs. Longoria (middle), Max Ho (right) 

The day I went to visit Kevin & Max they were given a different task from their usual duties due to Avance staff needing to attend other matters. They were supervising the bathroom log-in sheet to make sure there was no overcrowding in the restroom. Before become a support for teachers they were also supervision tasks.  

Max is also another great support to the Avance Middle School team. He has provided support to Avance staff & faculty. Although at first it felt a bit overwhelming for Max, he mentioned that it has shown him how to be alert, patient, and out-spoken. He has worked with many of the students, as well, and supported them with their classwork. Because he is a senior, students also became curious and asked him questions. Therefore, Max is not only an intern but a mentor to the middle school students.
Goals: Max is interested in two different careers: Law and technology. He is leaning more towards technology because of his interest in computers.
Skills: Max mentioned that before starting the internship he was a bit less out-spoken and/or social, however with the interaction with staff, faculty, and especially students he has been able to speak up and gain social skills.
Advice for future interns: "Come in ready with an open mind and ready to interact with others. Oh! And also be Punctual!"

Uribe Law

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December 11, 2017
Nicholas Guardado & Sandra Perez
@ Uribe Law
Nicholas Guardado:
Goals after high school: Inspired by a few TV shows like, Criminal Minds and Law and Order (Special Victims Unit), Nicholas has grown passion into studying Criminology  or Criminal Justice at schools like San Jose State and San Diego State. He is fascinated about the communication that happens between different people that are involved in the crime scenes, and the motive behind a crime scene. Perhaps we will be seeing a future Detective Amaro in Nicholas. 

Daily Tasks: When Nicholas started his internship, he was helping organize files making sure cases were placed in the right order. However, his most recent assignment that his mentor gave him was a website research assignment. Nick would look at other firm websites to help update the Uribe firm website.  Nicholas is excited though to learn more about the court system and how hearing procedures are done, by asking questions to his mentor. 

Advice to future interns: "Be ready and have the mentality set to get work done." 

                                     Nicholas (left), Sandra (middle), and Roxy (Uribe receptionist).  


Sandra Perez:
Goals after high school: Sandra seeks to pursue her college degree in political science, specifically at UC San Diego. She aspires to be a Civil Rights Attorney to work with people, especially in providing equal rights and support for women in the work force. 

Daily Tasks: Sandra is in charge of a lot of the filing that happens in the office. Although it was challenging at first, she was able to come up with a system that would help her stay organize and move a lot quicker in the process. Besides organizing, she would also pull out files if they needed to be pull out for further readings from her supervisor/mentor. 

Experience as an intern: Sandra mentioned that although the first few days were challenging, including with the transportation, it has become a great opportunity to learn how to prepare well and be timely with the work. 

Advice to future interns: "Do not be afraid to ask questions. Roxy is really nice. Oh! Also always ask is there is a key to the restroom, because then you will be waiting outside a restroom for a long time." 

South Pasadena Elementary (SPUSD)Visual Arts Program

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December 11th, 2017
Krichelle Cordero
Arroyo Vista Elementary for SPUSD Visual Arts Program



This is Krichelle Cordero (middle picture on the right) and her mentor Mrs. Sarit Swanborn (middle picture to the left). Although when I showed up, Krichelle and Mrs. Swanborn were wrapping up their work at Arroyo Vista, I was able to hear great things from Krichelle and Mrs. Swanborn. The SPUSD Visual Arts Program is comprised of different schools in South Pasadena district, some of these schools include:
1. Arroyo Vista Elementary
2. Marengo Elementary

3. Monterey Hills Elementary. 
It is a program that Mrs. Swanborn runs using her cart (shown in pictures) from school to school, carrying different materials needed for projects she has planned for her students. 

Krichelle's Daily Tasks: Although most of the time Krichelle works in cleaning up and setting up for Mrs.Swanborn, she also has had the opportunity to work and interact with many of the students at Arroyo Vista. Krichelle is able to take the responsibility if Mrs. Swanborn is busy, and guides students with their art assignments/projects. She enjoys seeing the energy the students brings, and how the art reflects on who the students are and how different they can  be. Which leads to knowing more about Krichelle and what she aspires to do after graduating high school. 

Goals: Krichelle would like to study child psychology when she enters college. Some of the schools she is considering are CSUN, CSULA, CSUDH,  UCI, UWest,  and UCLA. She enjoys seeing how people, especially children, work and communicate with another. 

Advice for future interns: Krichelle mentioned that in order to work in a place with children, students must be able to show patience. She also added that Mrs. Swanborn works at a fast pace, because of her need to travel from school to school, so interns should be always take initiative and stay organized to provide the support for students and Mrs. Swanborn.  

Miriam Designs

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Monday, December 11, 2017
Fanny Gamboa & Jason Pacheco
Miriam Designs

I was pleased to hear the communication that Jason Pacheco (left) and Fanny Gamboa (right) had with Ms. Quezada (middle). Being bilingual has fostered a smooth transition throughout their internship. 

Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund (MALDEF) - Part 2

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Diana Vargas-Avelica

Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund (MALDEF)
 Founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1969, the Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund(MALDEF) is a non-profit, legal civil rights organization that          promotes social change in the Latino community through advocacy, community education, and litigation in the areas of education, employment, immigration rights,                                                                                                                     and political access. 


Diana Vargas-Avelica

College: University of Southern California(USC)
Major: Political Science
Career: Immigration & Criminal Lawyer

Today, Diana is working to find Open Government Organizations and write brief descriptions of what they do & how they've implemented their work.  This visit, we caught up with Diana as she is completing a month long research project focusing on the Electoral history of Santa Rosa, California. Her research included the city and school board elections over the years.  She also discovered that during these elections, there was a low voter turnout.  In addition, most people elected an incumbent(have worked in the office before) official; therefore, the past elections were the same people.  There is no limit to run for office; however, recent elections have been slightly different.  She was shocked that despite the population size of Latinos in Santa Rosa, a few would run but were never elected.


Highlights from Internship
When asked about her highlights from the Internship, Diana says, "talking to each lawyer".  She's enjoyed leanrning and assisting them.  She also mentioned that "...Roxanne, MALDEF's legal secretary, is from Highland Park and also went to USC".  Diana was accepted and will attend USC in the fall.  She also really appreciates her mentor, saying, "Matthew is really supportive. He also notices if I am overwhelmed with school and gives me the needed personal time. " He even helped with my uncle's [immigration] situation". Diana has really enjoyed her internship and notes that "they take you out to the best places to eat...and you get to explore Downtown and find the best food.".  Diana's favorite place has been a Vietnamese restaurant called Bolssom.  She alos enjoys the decor at the Japanese restaurant Yuko Kitchen.

Thoughts in Senior Year/Graduation
When asked about graduation, Diana says, she is "looking forward to it.  I am excited about the Valedictorian graduation speech; but, scared about my position.." because of a potential change in her number one ranking; however, she plans to finish strong to maintain her Valedictorian status.

Thoughts on College
This Saturday, Diana went to USC's Admission Day.  She's visited USC once before, in the seventh grade; however, she hasn't been since. She remembers being excited; however, this time she felt a special feeling. She recalls the advice given by her teacher, Ms. Delmy, to "Envision yourself there". Diana was accepted to many colleges including UC Berkley and UCLA; however, at USC she envision herself there, and truly belongs there.  Dorms move in Auguest 14th, and school starts August 21.

Advice to be a Successful High School Student
Diana offers these 3 success tips:
1. "Make sure you make deadlines"  
2. "Have a planner with you & write out important dates"
3. "Do not procrastinate" ...I did this a lot this year. Chad would tell us but I took it for granted.(I turned on my UC app 3 hours before due date).

Advice for Future Interns
1. "Always smile, greet everyone when they walk, even the lobbyist in front of the elevators".  
2. Get in contact with Matthew. "If you have free time, ask if the other staff need help too" 
3. There are multiple forms of transportation to get to the site (The metro & 2 local bus lines)

Learnings from the Internship
Diana has read about conditional law.  She has also learned different courts, such as the Ninth Circuit.  Diana says, "thanks to the internship, I understand what it is  and  what the preceding are".




White Memorial Hospital - Part 2

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Xictlali Argueta-Gonzalez; Evelyn Santiago; Sharon Vivian-Villanueva
Josue Angel-Chavez; Alejandra Garcia; Katie Lopez 
Natalya Sanchez; Alejandra Rodriguez

White Memorial Hospital
     Founded in 1913 by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and owned & operated by Adventist Health, White Memorial Medical Center(WMMC) is a non-profit,   faith-based, teaching hospital that provides a full range of inpatient, outpatient, emergency and diagnostic services to communities in Los Angeles.  White Memorial Medical Center is staffed by 1,879 employees, nearly 700 volunteers, 462 physicians, and 86 residents. The Seventh-day Adventist medical center has maintained its      mission of keeping the community healthy, serving more than 126,000 patients each year.


Our White Memorial Avancero Interns

(pictured from left to right: Natalya Sanchez, Sharon Vivian-Villanueva, Katie Lopez, Evelyn Santiago, Alejandra Garcia, Josue Angel-Chavez, Xictali Arguetta-Gonzalez, and Alejandra Rodgriguez)


White Memorial Hospital is one of our larger internship sites. The eight student interns are divided among various departments and perform a myriad of duties. During our last site visit, we put the spotlight on students interning in the Labor & Delivery and Same-Day Surgery departments. This time we are visiting students interning in Infection Control and assisting with Patient Experience Week.  The Infection control groups deliver tissues, mask, gloves, etc. throughout the hospital in the effort to maximize cleanliness and limit infection.  The Patient Experience group is helping to implement a new system of Patient Evaluation. The group started with filing folders and inputting data and now they get to talk & interact with patients. Patients share their stories and the students get to know them. The information patients share, particularly their stay at White Memorial, is collected via evaluation.  The research shows that patients respond positively when they are checked on and allowed to give feedback on their stay.  Today, the Patient Experience group is going a step further and assisting with Patient Experience Week.  The student interns are taking pictures of hospital staff holding props and paper mache flowers; and, encouraging them to send their pictures, along with positive affirmations to recovering patients.  
                               Our students remain busy and are gaining valuable communication skills with patients, medical professionals and personnel.                                                 

Natalya Sanchez

College: Mount Saint Mary's Univeristy (MSMU)
Major: Psychology
Career: Work with kids with disability

"Why?...I feel they have more potential than people give them...I like there personality. Natalya has an older and younger sister. She says what's inspired her in her career is that she has a cousin with down syndrome. Thoughts on Senior Year "Excited to have a new setting and a fresh start to explore the world" Thoughts on College "Excited & nervous...nervous if I'll like it, if it'll be easy or hard. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and being on my own a little own" Success Tips for High School "Don't give up on work, it's all mentality...if you want to move on & go to college, you have to get your stuff done"

Advice for Future Interns
"Take it seriously...it's like a real job, they will tell Chad & Delmy and it ruins it for the next ongoing internships. You have to be professional like an adult"


Alejandra Rodriguez

Major: Nutritional Science
Career: Nutritionist

"Why?...I think it is important to take care of your body. Try & eat health and avoid junk foods...I have always been passionate about food".

Thoughts on Graduation
"Scary because we have to be independent, practically".  She also says she is "looking forward to visiting New York during the Senior Trip.  I want to run in Central Park"

Thought on College
"Important to network & socialize"

Success Tips for High School
Prepare academics & take any opportunity you can get"

Advice for Future Interns
"Take it as an advantage because not a lot of seniors get the opportunity"


Alejandra "Lupita" Garcia

College: San Fransico State University (SFSU)
Major: Kinesiology
Career: Physical Therapist(work with kids)

"Why?.. I'm in sports. I've had sport injuries & have learned how to heal on my own. 

Thoughts on Senior Year
"I wish it could slow down.  It was stressful because of applications & financial issues...".  Lupita says, "I am looking forward to finishing strong & finding myself.
She will attend the senior trip and is "excited for Canada...it is something new".

Thoughts on Internship
"Never interacted with patients like this before.. got closer with [intern] group...I've learned to talk more & ask questions.  She says her biggest learning would be "how to talk to people in general".  She also says the internship givens you the chance to "reflect on things you've never done before...I got the opportunity & made the best out of it".

Success Tips for High School
"Respect & follow directions. Also, give opinions and your thoughts"

Advice to Future Interns
"Act like its an actual job...not taking it as a joke.  It's an internship & it's preparing you for the future. There's is always someone telling you what to do & you just have to follow the rules".


Katie Lopez

Major: Kinesiology
Career: Physical Therapist

"Why?...I love sports...I know when I get older it won't be available so why not help others...I really love basketball"

Thoughts on Senior Year
"I'm happy almost don't with high school & ready to leave...I think I will miss friends & help from teachers, one-on-one...I am looking forward to prom & grad night

Thoughts on College
"Scared...going on my own...won't have my mom. I hope that I don't struggle as much & make new relationships & get a sense of what's going to happen".

Success Tips for High School
"Don't give up your dream. Study for placement tests...use your spare time wisely(i.e. reflections, applications, deadlines)"

Advice for Future Interns
"Come to internship ready to learn what you'll do & what to expect for your career"


Jose Angel-Chavez

Major: Kinesiology
Career: Physical Therapy

"Why?..I do basketball & run...I know how it feels to be injured & I want to help people...I am currently going to physical therapy for my knee. I had a little fracture" 

Thoughts on Senior Year
"I don't want to graduate...I don't want to pay for college. It's scary...we always ask for a fresh start, but it's scary having to go and not having your friends there". Angel says he is "looking forward to parties and my sophmore year class that gives you a hands on experience and lets you help [physical therapy] patients recover"

Learnings from the Internship
"Communication skills...I talk less with hands because I have to talk and writing or draw at the same time. I have improved my patience and remained positive, even when patients are grumpy"

Success Tips for High School
"Not to mess up in their classes...try to get the best grades possible....people said it, but I wish I would've listened" "Do not procrastinate and pass your English, Math, and History classes"

Advice to Future Interns
"Listen to your leader/mentor. Try not to wonder off(i.e. seeing stores). Be on time

Uribe Law Associates - Part 2

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Kevin Beltran
Rebecca Gutierrez

The Law Offices of Adrian & Elizabeth P. Uribe
The Law Offices of Elizabeth P. Uribe and Adrian Cid Uribe is located in the San Gabriel Valley, minutes away from the Los Angeles Immigration Court.
The firm specializes in immigration law including criminal convictions, deportation, visas, family petitions, and more.
Uribe Law Associates - Rebecca G. & Kevin B.


Our Avance students are acquiring priceless experiences interning at the Law Offices of Elizabeth & Adrian Uribe.  There duties include an array tasks from filing and translating documents to researching and tidying the office.  They are truly gaining direct exposure into their desired careers in law.  Rebecca's duties for the day involve typing a request for a police report.  There's a letterhead and specific format that she must follow and she had to research a suitable template, edit it, and learn how to submit. The police report also has a deadline because the information is needed for court.  Although a 1-page request, she types diligently to complete her assigned task before the internship day concludes.  Rebecca thinks learning this information is pretty cool; and, a bit stressful.  In addition, Rebecca says since beginning her internship at Uribe Law, her typing has improved.  I think she will successfully complete her task.  During our last visit, Kevin was translating documents and certifications.  This visit, he is performing more of the managerial work, unloading office supplies and assisting as needed.  He understands the importance each task and does so with care.



Kevin Beltran

College: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Major: Political Science
Career: Judge
Thoughts on Senior Year
Happy...ready to start over again. Will keep in touch; but, excited for a new place & new people.  I will miss some people...some teachers... that I really connected with.

Thoughts on College
"Happy...excited to live on campus and get away from home.  Excited about college, new beginnings". 

First Thing I want to do on Campus
"Run though campus to learn the place"
Advice to be a Successful High School Student "Make sure you turn in your work. Stay on top of your classes because you never know when it'll pile up".
Advice for Future Interns
"Know your bus route"

Rebecca Gutierrez

College: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Major: English
Career: Lawyer

Thoughts on Senior Year
"Sad that it's ending...wish I was a freshman again. Saddest that I won't have everyone I've been with"

Thoughts on College
"Expensive & scary to transition to a big campus. I will stay on campus. Family gives me a lot of excitement, I feel I may be bored[at college] but I think it will help me focus"

First Thing I want to Do on Campus
"Find the nearest Target & explore on my own...I've never been on my own"
Advice to be a Successful High School Student
"Do your work & join an activity you like. Make good use of your time".

Advice for Future Interns
"Beware of the bus driver"

Red House Realty, Inc. - Pt. 2

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mario Lopez
Luis Montanez

Red House Realty, Inc.
Red House Realty, Inc. has been property management since 2012(this office opened in 2011).  For buyers, they assist in the process from the pre-qualification stage all the way to closing on a new home.  For sellers,  they assist in home appraisal all the way to getting the highest value for your home.

They even offer full service Property management for residential & commercial real estate.   


Mario Lopez & Luis Montanez

Our students are having a successful internship, acquiring leads and gaining practical experience in residential real estate.  In the office, their duties include researching property listings, potential buyers, and setting up appointments.  They have even brought in leads.  For buyers, the students have helped with property searches and many of the students' searches were the ones clients have selected.  The students have also assisted with working in the field via canvassing, greeting residents, and distributing flyers.  Their mentor Alberto says they are motivated and comfortable talking with people. He also says they have been the best interns he's worked with.  
Keep up the great work Mario & Luis!


Special Thank you to Alberto Juarez, Erika Rodriguez, and Camilio Valentin 
for their invaluable time and investment into our Avancero Interns
We appreciate you.

Looking to buy a home, sell a home, or in need of property management, find out more by clicking below:

Red House Realty, Inc.

South Pasadena Unified Art Department - Part 2(Arroyo Vista Elementary)

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Grecia Vargas
Jazmin Valadez

Arroyo Vista Elementary School
Arroyo Vista Elementary School, located in the City of South Pasadena, is a public elementary school servicing students from Kindergarten to 5th grade.


Upon my arrival, I walk into an elementary class of engaged students focused and eagerly participating in the day's art project.  The students are several levels of a flower design.  Parent volunteers also assist with the art project.  It is truly an amazing class environment to experience.  Mentor Sarit Swanborn says "these are the best volunteers I've ever had. I am able to give them more complex tasks...they cut clay, mount, and have done the things I do. I will write letters of recommendations for them whenever they they need it". 

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the day

Arroyo Vista Elementary.mp4


Jazmin Valadez

College: San Diego State University (SDSU)
Major: Business Administration
Career: Undecided

Thoughts on Graduation "Relief...high school is almost over" Thoughts on College
"Next step in chapter...new beginnings"

Success Tips for in High School Students
"Do your classes, especially freshman year. It does have a big impact on your grades"

Advice to Future Interns
"Choose wisely...if you don't like what you do, take notice"

Learnings from the Internship
"Great experience...learned lot for students. Art teachers have to be in feet & ready...must be organized"

Grecia Vargas

College: Pasadena City College (PCC)
Major:AA child development, CSLA certificate in teaching
Career: Teacher, elementary

Thoughts on Graduation "Exciting, mix of emotions...looking forward to it" Thoughts on College
"Help me transfers into adult, independent life"

Success Tips for High School Students
"Best time you'll have...you'll have stressful moments, but once you get through, you'll look back and be able to reflect and say it wasn't as bad"

Advice to Future Interns
"I think it is great. I really enjoyed it. I got the experience of being a teacher...this is what I want to do...I'm sure...I'm really happy with this internship"

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