Mr. Timmons' Homepage
James Timmons
Science & STEM teacher
Graham High School
(336) 570-6440

Students can access class materials using Google Classroom and the code given to them in class


Earth and Environmental Science is the study of the earth, the universe around it, and humankind's place within it. 

As a planet that is constantly changing, we study the many processes that shape our planet, and seek to determine the causes of natural phenomena through careful observation and experimentation known as the scientific method. 

Being an interdisciplinary field, other branches of science, such as chemistry, biology, and physics, as well as mathematics, social studies, and history, will be drawn upon to learn all we can about the Earth's cycles, systems, and environment. 

Problem-solving and decision-making will be stressed as well as creation and interpretation of maps, graphs, tables, and charts in each of these areas. 

A primary goal of this course is to prepare students for developing critical thinking skills which will allow you to make informed decisions in matters involving the Earth as a global citizen.