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The Great Gatsby WebQuest

Before we begin reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, "The Great Gatsby", we will explore some of the important background information surrounding the time period in which the novel takes place. To do this you will complete a webquest to learn more about the 1920's. Use the following links to complete your webquest and be sure to respond to each section in complete sentences.  Your responses will be due by the end of this class period via google docs* or on paper. 

1. F.Scott Fitzgerald.
Skim the biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
  •  Write down where and when he was born.  
  •  List three major influences in his life. 
  • How and when did he die?
2. World War I
  • List and briefly explain three innovations that came out of World War I using this list or this list
  • Find and write down one interesting fact about WWI. 
  • After the war American culture saw drastic changes. Find and list two changes in American attitudes post WWI
3. The 18th Amendment
4. The 19th Amendment 
  • What right did women gain from the passing of the 19th Amendment
  • When did they gain it?
5.  Prohibition
  • What is a speakeasy
  • List two examples of code words used for alcohol
  • Based on the information you have gathered about this time period, why do you think speakeasies popped up across the country?
6. Flappers
  • What is a flapper
  • Google images of a flapper. Then read about and describe the style of a flapper
  • Describe the attitude, or lifestyle, of a flapper
7. Organized Crime
  • Why did organized crime rise to power in the 1920's?
  • What was the mafia's main business venture, or in other words how did they make money? 
  • Choose one of the following mob leaders and briefly describe who they were, what crimes they committed, and what ultimately happened to them (i.e why are they famous)? 
  •  Al Capone                     
  • Lucky Luciano                Bugsy Siegel 
8. Automobiles
Reading the following article on automobiles in the 1920's to answer the questions below.
  • Why was owning a car before the 1920's rare?
  • How did the rise of the automobile change the lifestyle of people living in the 1920's?
  • Look at photos of popular cars in the 1920's. Choose your favorite and look up how much the car would have cost you to buy. 
9. Music
  • What music was popular in the 1920's?
  • What is the "Jazz Age"? Who made the term popular?
  • Choose one social movement in the 1920's and explain how jazz influenced the movement. 
10. 1920's Slang
  • Read the list of 1920's A-Z popular terms or this list of slang terms 
  • Choose 5 words that you find interesting, funny, or unique and write them down along with their definitions
11. Making Predictions
  • Based on all of the research you have gathered and the knowledge of the 1920's that you have gained, what do you think the plot and setting of "The Great Gatsby" will be about? What types of characters do you predict you'll find in the novel? 

*If you choose to type your responses in google docs, your responses MUST be in your own words and NOT copied directly from a webpage.