Room 109


Hello everyone! I'm Mrs. Tu (formerly Ms. Barefield) and I am the art teacher for E.M Yoder Elementary. I am very excited to continue teaching at such a friendly school. I currently live in Cary, close by to most of my family. I love to watch movies, read books, play pool, ski in West Virginia, and of course make art. I try to sketch or paint a little bit each day; it helps keep me positive! I truly believe in the benefits of being creative and accessing imagination. Through art, children learn many things. Some of which include learning more of who they are as a unique individual, thinking outside the box, finding solutions to different problems and putting forth effort towards something both beautiful and rewarding. I feel I am very blessed to have a job where I can teach, encourage and admire student art. Our global focus this year promises lots of multicultural artwork. I'm excited to teach your children about beautiful art made all over the world. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or about items you wish to donate to the art room!