Copy of 8th Grade Math Digital Assignments Lesson Plan

Top of the day to all of you, I hope this message finds you well!
Who knew?
Rule #1 Do NOT Stress out!  We will get through this.  Consider choosing 3 different things that you are thankful for each day.

This is week one and is a learning opportunity for all of us.  Thank you to those of you who completed an assignment last week.  As you know, it was only one question, and it was primarily used for us to get used communicating virtually.  If you have not done it, the opportunity still exists with no penalty.

Do not stress about grades, let's focus on the learning opportunity before us.  I havesent a copy of the lesson plan to students and parents

We will be meeting (face to face) using google meet.  You will be completing most of your assignments in google classroom.  

Please join the 8th grade Falcons Rise class(6ljlhuj) in google classroom.  This is in addition to our regular class.  This class is designed to be a resource classroom.
My primary means of contact will be via email.  I will update this page on a regular basis.