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National Marine Educators Association (NMEA)

Florida Marine Science Educators Association (FMSEA)

SETI - Join the SETI Educators Network 

Teaching Resources

Mote Marine Laboratory-  Field trips, summer activities, and much more!

Wyland Clean Water Challenge- Lots of great activities and resources. 

Cousteau Society- Cousteau Society founder Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau believed that the future rests in the hands of young people.

In Search of Giant Squid Curriculum Guide- Compiled by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, the National Museum of Natural History, the National Aeronautics and Atmospheric Administration, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2006. Geared for 5-8 grade students with special "roadmaps" for older or younger audiences.

Squid Quiz- This fun and educational brochure asks amateur squid researchers questions about the mythical creature. Features questions, answers, and a fill-in-the-blank component.

MARE (Marine Activities, Resources and Education)- K-8 Interdisciplinary, inquiry-based marine science curriculum

Thank you Ocean - Podcasts

Seaworld/ Busch Gardens - Teaching guides, classroom activities and more

BRIDGE - K-12 Ocean Resources

BBC Planet Earth - Video, photos, guides, and more

PBS’s Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures

NOAA Ocean Explorer - Grade 5-12 lesson plans, marine science
career connections, and other educational resources

Discovery of Sound in the Sea

National Marine Sanctuaries Education - Lesson plans and videos

Wyland Ocean Challenge Curriculum

Immersion Presents: Secrets of the Gulf Lesson Plans 

My Wonderful World - Teacher lesson plans in geography

Project AWARE Kids  - Teaching materials

New England Aquarium - K-12 curriculum, kits, boos, and videos

OceanAdventure! - Marine Information Programs in Schools and Libraries all over Northern New England

Reef Video Clip Database- Over 500 clips is provided freely for educational and research use.

MarineNZ - Information Education Conservation

WhaleNet - Track marine mammals in real-time, or used archived data, to research the movements of various species or genders of satellite tagged marine mammals (and sea turtles).

OceansLive- The marine science portal

Earth Gauge provides free environmental education materials to broadcast meteorologists that they can use on-air in their tv or radio forecasts and in other media

Intro Sites for Environmental Issues- These sites are good to “introduce” environmental issues in the classroom, but generally don’t provide information on systemic, political, and corporate issues related to environmental damage.

Vone Research- To support our mission and free opportunities and projects we provide for the public, schools and Sea Scouts, we are offering in-school supplemental education programs for a small fee per student

Professional Development  

ESSEA- Continuing education for teachers, and more.

Mote Marine Laboratory-  Field trips, summer activities, and much more!

MARE (Marine Activities, Resources and Education) - Summer Leadership Institute

ARMADA Project - K-12 teachers participate in research science and provide mentoring for colleagues

Camp SEA Lab

ARISE ANDRILL Research Immersion for Science Educators

GCRL Summer Field Program - Marine Biology for Teachers 

AMS Education Program - Online Ocean Studies

Joint Oceanographic Institutions

College of Exploration

Sound Experience - A nonprofit organization, sails the historic schooner Adventuress to help people discover Puget Sound and learn from its majesty and vulnerability

Teacher at Sea Programs 

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) - Teacher at Sea Program

Naval Oceanographic Office - Sea Scholars Program, Personal Excellence Program

NOAA Teacher at Sea Program

Oregon State University - Teachers at Sea-Ocean Sciences and Math Collaborative Project 

Semester at Sea - Study abroad around the world

Univeristy of South Florida - SEABOUND