(A Study of Immigration in West Acton)
Essential question: What are the stories of people who have come to Acton, how have their lives changed and how have they changed the lives of those already here?

When we live in a place, we frequently take our knowledge and our surroundings for granted.  We forget the history of the place.  The people of Acton actually "Forgot" the F.R. Knowlton Cigar Factory - It was our quest to find it and the people who's lives it affected.

In Our  project, we will think about how we, as people who have this knowledge, can help build and share this knowledge with others.  We will create rooms for the people who owned, ran, worked in and around the F.R. Knowlton Cigar Factory during the late 1800's. These people are now gone taking with them knowledge, interests and celebrations. By creating a room for each of these people we will  learn more about others, share their stories, and in the process, our lives become richer.