Policies & Procedures

Attendance Policy (not including PE classes)

Due to the volume of material that must be covered in the six-week summer school session, if a student requires remedial credit or advancement for a course, a maximum of three absences is allowed.  In extenuating circumstances, a fourth or fifth class may be missed, provided a parental/doctor’s note of explanation is presented and class time is made up.  These exceptions are at the Director’s discretion.  All documentation must be given to the summer school director before arrangements for make up time are made.  No credit will be granted in courses where more than three absences have occurred.


Please advise the summer school office of all absences by calling 978-264-4700 X3636 or emailing absummer@abschools.org.


Physical Education Attendance Policy

The attendance policy for this class is different from that of all other Summer School classes.  Classes run every day for four weeks, providing 19 class periods per session.  To earn credit for PE during the summer, students must attend and participate in 19 class sessions.  As unplanned absences sometimes arise, a make-up week of classes is offered.  It is recommended that all participating students keep the make-up week available in their summer schedules as no exceptions to the attendance policy can be granted.  Students are prohibited from “doubling up” on class sessions for safety and equity reasons.

2019 Summer Physical Education Schedule

Regular Session: June 24 - July 19

Make-Up Week: July 22 - July 26

Please note that make-up sessions will be held at 7:30am; there will be no evening make-up sessions.



Classes are held on the 2nd floor of the west wing of ABRHS.  Students found anywhere on school grounds other than the upper lot and west wing will receive disciplinary action.  Please report any off grounds activity to the directors at 978-264-4700 x3636.


Grading Policy

Six-week secondary school courses meet for a total of 45 hours during the summer.  A grade report will be sent to individual students via email at the end of the session in those classes that offer grades.  For students who do not attend Acton-Boxborough Regional High School, a grade report will be sent to the sending school.  If out-of-district students require credit for a course, they must obtain approval from their schools in advance.  AB Summer School does not determine which classes warrant credit for students who attend other schools.

Summer School Eligibility for ABRHS Students

In order to be eligible to attend summer school for credit, the student must have attended school and individual classes on a regular basis, at least 155 days per school year, or accrued no more than 25 absences per school year.


No Smoking Policy

Massachusetts law prohibits smoking in a school building or on school grounds.  A student’s first offense will result in a written warning that will be given to the student and parents/guardians will be informed.  A second offense will result in a one-day suspension from class, which will count as an absence in accordance with the attendance policy.  A third offense will result in expulsion from summer school and no credit will be given for any class taken.  Tuition is not refunded if a student is expelled.