Online Course Offerings

It is recommended that students take these courses for enrichment purposes only.  

The online Edgenuity courses are full-length intensive courses and are not abridged for summer study.  They make a great resource for skill-building, standardized test prep, and independent study of topics not offered during the regular school year!

  The schedule is student-paced; the student can work on the program at any time and any place that fits their schedule!

The online portal for these Edgenuity classes are only "open" during the six weeks of the AB summer school session.  Typically, an online course requires 40-60 hours to complete but often take longer to actually finish.  If you are a non-AB student seeking remedial credit, we recommend planning out 1.5 - 2.5 hours each day for the 6 weeks of summer school to work on the course.  

Although we strongly recommend our in-school options for remedial credit classes, if you are a non-AB student seeking remedial credit through an online course, please email us the class you would like to register for and the contact information for your school counselor.  We will send them the class syllabus to confirm this is the appropriate coursework for you!

To Register for Online Courses: At registration, there will be two options to add to your cart.  To enroll in one online course, please select course code ONLINE SU18-1. To enroll in two online courses, please select ONLINE SU18-for your first class and ONLINE SU18-2 for your second class.  Once registered, we will reach out to confirm your course selection and set you up with your online Edgenuity account.


Popular Online Selections

Personal Finance
Engineering Design
Strategies for Academic Success
Art History
Digital Arts
3-D Art I - Animation 
World Languages (enrichment only)
SAT & ACT Prep
Computer Science

Note: Dual Credit Courses
by Sophia are not available.

*AB students may not preview 
courses offered at ABRHS.*