Course Offerings

Welcome to AB Summer School!
We are pleased to offer a plethora of courses for students’
review, enrichment, advancement, and course/credit recovery.

Course Preview Practice

In an effort to support the ABRSD’s commitment to the emotional well-being of all students and staff, previewing courses is no longer an option at AB Summer School.  This effort to mitigate some of the stress and pressure our students are experiencing has been a collective and informed decision by district and school leaders to further promote balance and healthy learning.

We have found that allowing students to preview courses:

  • enhances stress for those whose ambition is to progress rapidly through core curriculum

  • presents teaching challenges in classes during the academic year when some students have previewed the course and some have not

  • creates inequity among the student body when some students have had the opportunity to preview courses while others have not

As in the past, students are encouraged to participate in the many summer course offerings for enrichment, review, course advancement, and/or retake for failure.

Important Notes Regarding 

PE Attendance Policy

  • This course does not meet the Fitness for Living requirements for 9th graders.

  • The attendance policy for this class is different from that of all other Summer School classes.  As unplanned absences sometimes arise, it is recommended that all participating students keep the make-up week available in their summer schedules as no exceptions to the attendance policy can be granted.

  • Only 7:30am class sessions are offered during make-up week; there will be no evening make-up sessions.

  • Students are prohibited from “doubling up” on class sessions.