Welcome to Visual Arts at McCarthy-Towne, a weekly studio class where all students explore their creativity, practice studio habits of mind and always carry a valid artistic license.

Visual Arts class celebrates the wisdom of the hands and nurtures the development of an artistic attitude. Children are always encouraged to discover their creative capacities, feel pride in craftsmanship, and make interdisciplinary connections in all aspects of learning. In the Visual Arts studio, the hand, the heart, and the head work together as children manipulate tools and materials, express feelings and ideas, and critically think to solve artistic challenges. Studio habits of mind, such as envisioning, observing, reflecting and persisting are practiced throughout the art-making process. Units of study include sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, drawing, painting, print making, weaving and mixed media.

The capacity to create and express ourselves through the arts is one of the central qualities that make us human. Art is uniquely a human language, spoken in all cultures, giving meaning to our lives. At McCarthy-Towne we believe that a child who is literate in the arts is a child eager and ready for a future in the 21st century.