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WELCOME to our first day of school!

Week of 3/20 - 3/24/2017

posted Mar 26, 2017, 8:09 AM by June Montepeluso

Dear Room 12 Families,
We had a wonderful last week of Term 2 as the term closed this past Friday (3/24.) Can you believe that 2/3 of the 6th grade year has come and gone already? Report cards will be available on Friday 3/31 via the Parent Portal. Students' missing assignment cards also came home with their homework grade on it as well as a notification as to if they will have a tracking card for the next term. I will still track missing assignments for all students; however, students with a 3 (meeting the expectation) have earned the right to not have a card next term. Please feel free to contact me if you are at all worried about your child's missing assignment. If there is an issue, you will be sure to hear from me. Also, book orders will be due on Friday 3/31.

This week, we began an amazing art project to help students connect to the Greek arts. They are creating their own 2-D representation of Greek vases. In addition, students worked all week on creating interactive book projects on their books about (anti-)bullying. Students were extremely focused in their groups on creating videos or Google slide presentations around the theme of their book and how the characters were responsible for advancing or thwarting this theme. They all presented on Friday. We will be taking a hiatus from reading novels (except for our read-aloud, The Hunger Games, and independent reading) while we focus more on the "new" MCAS reading and writing formats. Students will also begin presenting, through a read-aloud, their own narrative writing "Evil Wins".) In social studies, students worked on reading about Greek government types, which will be a focus of discussion next week. In math, we are working diligently on our statistics unit, by exploring variability through range, mean absolute deviation and inter-quartile range) as well as statistical questions and how do visually present data (dot plots, box-and-whisker plots) and interpret this data. Students also continue to work on the Weather and Atmosphere unit with Mrs. Conley, and are focusing on a hurricane project during library.

Below, please find a list of assessed work that came home in Friday folders this week and some auction news.
Mrs. Montepeluso
  • Pattern for Freedom MCAS practice (open response)
  • China’s Warriors MCAS practice (multiple choice and open response)
  • MCAS practice multiple choice scoring sheet
  • Greece Chpt 9 Sec 1 Q&A (copy - original in student binder)

A huge THANK YOU to all the families for contributing to our Movie Night Basket.  

Your generous donations allowed us to purchase items to watch a movie at home and at our local Maynard movie theater.

The basket items included are: 


Paper Movie Night photo stick props, Directors clapboard, Set of 6 popcorn plastic containers, Microwave Popcorn Popper, Popcorn, Netflix Gift Card and a Maynard Family Fun Pack Movie Theater package (Includes 5 movie passes, 5 snack passes and 5 candies). 


Before you know it, your son or daughter will be graduating in just 3 months from Gates Elementary. The last month of 6th grade activities are so exciting for our kids and so incredibly filled with pride for parents. Here is an opportunity to watch the events up front with camera's ready!   The auction is offering 6th grade parents to bid on the following items JUST FOR YOU! (if you can't make the auction please take advantage and bid online! )


*6th Grade Send-Off (Graduation): How would you like to have front row seats to watch your child receive their certificate and shake hands with their teacher & Mrs Newman? (seating up to 8 people) $60 is the minimum bid


*6th Grade Send-Off (Graduation): How about second row seats? They are just as good as the first row!!! You can see your child right up close! (seating up to 8 people) $55 is the minimum bid

*6th Grade Priority Parking for the Send-Off: As you are running around preparing for the send-off,  wouldn't it be nice to have a parking space reserved just for you? You can imagine the parking is a premium due to all families and friends attending the send-off.  There will be no need to come early.  

A parking space will be labeled with your name on it!  JUST FOR YOU! Two Opportunities Available

 $20 is the minimum bid

*6th Grade Night Event: Sixth graders all join together to create a curriculum based play performed for their family.  The students work so very hard to prepare.  This night is a MUST SEE!

We are offering you  to bid on both first and second row seating for this event.  It takes place in the Gates cafe.

*Front Row for the Night Event  (seating up to 8 people) $30 is the minimum bid

*Second Row for the Night Event (seating up to 8 people) $25 is the minimum bid


All of this information for 6th GRADE PARENTS is available on our auction catalog site. Click here to view all the online catalog and bid: https://gates.schoolauction.net/auction2017/catalog.


Also, the sixth grade teachers have gifted a donation to the auction. The listing is below and also available on our auction site:

Sixth Grade Teachers will provide Wii, pizza and a special treat. One child from each classroom may bid, and bring a friend on Thursday 5/18, time TBD. Parents must pick up after activities have been completed. $30 is the minimum bid


Week 3/13 - 3/17/2017

posted Mar 19, 2017, 3:25 PM by June Montepeluso

Dear Room 12 Families,

Despite the snow day, we had a busy week. Students started their community service hours and came back to the classroom abuzz about all the activities they had been involved in. Some were helping with younger students, others were tuning instruments or hanging art work on bulletin boards. The sign-up for the talent show ended and children received their audition forms. We continue our ELA MCAS prep as well as book groups. Next week, students will be working in book groups to complete a project that explains the theme of the book they read and why it was important. In social studies, we began the Ancient Greece unit and in math the statistics unit. 
The April 1 Auction is just around the corner and I hope many of you can attend the fun event. Thank you to Candice Kilfoyle who has taken on the job of assembling a wonderful Auction basket and to all the parents who have contributed to the worth-while cause.

I realize the ground outside is still covered in snow, but end-of-year planning has started. Be on the lookout for an email from the yearbook committee to all sixth grade parents asking for precious pictures for the 2017 edition.  

Representatives from the junior high will visit us on April 11 to talk to the students about their transition to 7th grade. They will be able to ask questions and will receive an envelope with important information for you to look over together.

Please find the following graded assessments and important forms in your child's Friday folder:
  • Abel’s Island MCAS practice (multiple choice AND open response)
  • Candy Bomber MCAS practice (open response)
  • Unit 4&5 Math test
  • Egypt Unit Test
  • Gumbie Cat Open response and organizer (self assessed)
  • Patterns for Freedom MCAS practice (multiple choice only)
  • Book orders
  • Postural screening notification
All the best,
Mrs. Montepeluso

Week of 3/6 - 3/10/2017

posted Mar 12, 2017, 5:07 PM by June Montepeluso   [ updated Mar 12, 2017, 5:22 PM ]

Hello Room 12 Families,
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I cannot believe we are gearing up for another storm. Is it "unscientific" of me to say I am crossing my fingers that all of the predictions are wrong and it will miss us? :-) This week, students wrapped up the last of the vocabulary unit tests until after April break. We are also finishing up our books within the next two weeks and are completing our large narrative writing. This comes at a perfect time to ramp up our MCAS prep! In addition, we wrapped up our Egypt unit with a "death ceremony" (see below) and Unit 4&5 in math with a test. Can you tell the end of the term is nearing? Please remember that talent show forms are due this Wednesday. In addition, some information around Human Growth & Development and the school auction came home in Friday folders, along with the following assessed work:
  • Daily Geography week 8
  • Unit 6 Vocabulary Test
  • 1-12x facts test
  • Computation #5

Stay warm!

Mrs. Montepeluso

Egykens - On to the Afterlife

Week of 2/27 - 3/3/2017

posted Mar 3, 2017, 12:35 PM by June Montepeluso

Greetings and Salutations, Room 12 Families!
It has been an amazing week here in room 12. We are just about wrapped up with Unit 5 in math. Students will be working on an equation project next week graphing linear equations, and the Unit 4&5 test will be on Friday. In ELA we have been busy peer critiquing and revising our "Evil Wins" stories, reading our anti-bullying books, working on vocabulary (Unit 6 Test Tuesday) and beginning MCAS preparation. I also continue to read aloud Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. In social studies, students completed their burial projects, worked on reading about Astronomy and Timekeeing and watched a review video about Egypt. We will continue to review for next week's test. Students have also begun their final science unit on Weather and the Atmosphere with Mrs. Conley. 

Enjoy the chilly weekend! Below please find a list of assessed work that came home in today's Friday folder.
Mrs. Montepeluso

  • Module 11 math quiz
  • 12.1 entry ticket
  • Astronomy & Timekeeping packet
  • Egyptian Gods writing (copy – original back to students in their binders)
  • Climate Change Test
  • Climate Change Project
  • Carbon cycle writing
  • Candy Bomber MCAS practice (multiple choice only)


Week of 2/13 - 2/17/2017

posted Feb 17, 2017, 12:30 PM by June Montepeluso

Hello Room 12 Families,

We had a fantastic week this week! In reading, we continue to work on reading about and discussing bullying. Please check your child’s assignment card as there are several students missing book roles that have been due over the past 2 weeks. In addition, we are continuing our read aloud of The Hunger Games. In math, we worked on solving one-step algebraic equations and inequalities and graphing the results on a number line. Students had their module 11 quiz today. Climate change (science) wrapped up with presentations today. Mrs. Acheson and I have worked out a time after break for students that didn’t get the chance to present to do so. In addition, we have just about wrapped up our Egypt burial projects as well as our Egyptian achievements posters. In addition, we read about several important women in ancient Egypt. We are also launching a new community service and leadership program for sixth graders at Gates. There are a variety of activities, from reading to younger students, helping with small projects, helping in the library or in music/art, etc that students can work on.


In addition there are many mentoring opportunities for 6th grade students to help younger students and their teachers in grades K-2. (https://goo.gl/forms/cekjiHP3UJdGUHLD2) Students who sign up for this program will be volunteering their time during your recess period. Their level of commitment can range from once a week up to 5 times a week. Students in this program will participate in an orientation meeting held during your recess time and you will have regular check ins to see how things are going. This program will run through the end of school. Students in the program will be recognized for their commitment in several ways: Panther Award, Community Service documentation - volunteer hours, Mentor Appreciation Lunch with Dr. Kotyk and Mr. Wadsworth, and Participation Levels on 6th Grade Certificate. We have discussed this opportunity during class and students seem really excited by it. I have included the link below for students to sign up - they are cc'd on this email as well. We hope to have many students volunteering for this program.

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful time with your kids and they have a fun and relaxing week off.

Below, please find graded work that came home in Friday folders:


  • Pyramids packets: Selection Test
  • Q&A Chapter 4 Section 3 (copies – original in binder)
  • 11.2 entry ticket
  • 11.3 entry ticket
  • Q&A Chapter 4 Section 4 (copies – original in binder)
  • The Other Half of History: Women in Ancient Egypt selection test
Mrs. M. :-)

Week of 2/6 - 2/10/17

posted Feb 10, 2017, 12:04 PM by June Montepeluso

Dear Room 12 Families,

It was a short week this with the snow day and a delay. Students worked on critical readers and anti-bullying book roles this week in reading. In social studies, students read about the Middle and New Kingdoms in Egyptian History. This type period lasted from about 2050 - 1050 BC and saw a great deal of early chaos followed by a rebuilding. Students have just begun reading about Queen Hatshepsut, one of the more famous pharaohs in Egypt. In science, students are wrapping up their Climate Change unit with an assessment and project next week. In math, students have been working on writing algebraic equations from word problems and solving them (one-step equations only) using inverse operations to isolate the variable. We have a quiz on this (Module 11) on Friday 2/17. 

I wish you all a relaxing weekend. Below is the list of graded assignments that came home in Friday folders this week.

Mrs. Montepeluso

  • Module 9&10 quiz
  • Critical Reader Week 10
  • Vocabulary Unit 5 Test

Week of 1/31 - 2/3/2017

posted Feb 5, 2017, 6:33 AM by June Montepeluso

Hello Room 12 Families,
We had an exciting week this week! In social studies, we started our chicken mummification (fondly known as Egykens) on Monday. Thanks to our amazing helpers and all of the donations of supplies (chickens, salt, spices and surgical gloves) that make this project possible. We will continue the process over the next few weeks as our Chicken Pharaohs begin to shrink and mummify. In the meantime, we have a host of woodworkers, potters, architects and priests working on creating burial items (canopic jars, tombs, sarcophaguses, amulets, Books of the Dead) so that the ka of our chickens can move on to the afterlife. I have been absolutely amazed at the creativity and teamwork I have been seeing in our classroom. We have also been focused on reading about Egyptian pyramids. In reading, we have begun several books (literature circles) around the theme of anti-bullying. Students prepare roles for discussion several times a week and will be creating final projects when these books are complete. Students are also writing a sci-fi/fantasy story where evil wins in the end. Math has begun to get more abstract as we are working on variable expressions and equations. Next week, we begin isolating single variables in order to solve algebraic equations we develop from word problems. Students will be completing their climate change unit on the Friday before February break. Next week, they have projects due that they will be presenting. They will begin their Weather and Atmosphere unit when they get back from vacation. 

I also wanted to let you know that we have been having some intense discussions around respectful and kind behavior during morning meeting. We began these conversations in the New Year as behaviors have begun deteriorating in and out of class. I am hopeful that between these discussions, our anti-bulling and iSafe curriculum, and new opportunities the 6th graders will have around community building will help to increase kind and respectful behavior.

Below, please find a list of graded work that came home in Friday folders this week. Here's to an exciting Super Bowl tonight!
  • Chapter 4 Section 2 Q&A (copy – original in s.s. binder)
  • Daily Geography week 7
  • Egyptian Geography (copy - original in s.s. binder)
  • Courage book tests
  • Critical Reader Week 9
  • World geography pop quiz


Week of 1/23 - 1/27

posted Jan 30, 2017, 4:29 AM by June Montepeluso

Hello Room 12 Families,
We are all looking forward to embalming chickens (Egykens) next week! Below find a list of assessed work that came home in Friday folders.
Mrs. Montepeluso

  • Unit 3 math test
  • Multitudes of gods reading comprehension
  • Unit 4 Vocabulary test
  • Module 9.1 entry ticket
  • Module 9.3 entry ticket

Week of 1/16 - 1/20/2017

posted Jan 20, 2017, 12:36 PM by June Montepeluso

Hello Room 12 Families,
This week seemed to fly by with having Monday off. We have been doing quite a bit of dialoguing around kindness and what it looks like to be kind to one another this week. I know we will continue this vein of discussion as we begin our anti-bullying literature unit next week, after wrapping up our courage unit. In addition, we wrapped up Unit 3 of math and began looking at exponents and expressions. We will be combining Unit 4 & 5 together in math as they cover the same common core domain. We have also continued to read The Hunger Games. Students also have been reading, writing and discussing Egyptian gods, and the afterlife. We will continue this work over the next few weeks as we work on some class projects and begin mummifying Egykens. In science, students had a climate change assessment this past week. 

Below, please find the graded work that came home in Friday folders today. Have a wonderful weekend,
Mrs. Montepeluso

  • Chapter 4 Section 1 Q&A (copy – original in s.s. binder)
  • Egyptology/A Tale of Two Lands
  • Gifts of the Nile poster project rubric
  • Critical reader, Week 8
  • Ancient Egypt atlas work (copy – original in s.s. binder)

Week of 1/9/2017

posted Jan 15, 2017, 12:49 PM by June Montepeluso

Hello Room 12 Families,
This was an incredibly difficult week for all of us. We tried to stay in our routine as much as we possibly could, but did take things a little more slowly. Students worked on reviewing for the Unit 3 math test that we postponed until next week. We also moved the book questions and essay to next week as well, as we wrapped up our literature groups around the theme courage. We continued reading The Hunger Games - I read aloud quite a bit this week. Students also worked on critical reading during ELA time, as well as began a new informational essay on Egyptian gods. In social studies, students also worked collaboratively on a mapping project and a poster on the Gifts of the Nile. Below please find graded work that came home in Friday folders. Enjoy the long weekend with the kids, keep your families close and continue to be kind to each other.
June Montepeluso
  • Nature’s Classroom narrative – please bring back to school for your binder
  • Nouns/proper nouns sheet
  • Vocabulary Unit 3 Test
  • Finding percent of entry ticket
  • Converting percent to decimal and fraction entry ticket
  • Critical Reading Week #6
  • Ancient Egypt map project rubric

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