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Community Service

Rise to the Challenge 
Beginning this year (2016-2017), RJ Grey will be including a new method of encouraging and recognizing student participation in community service. This is our initial pilot year, and so we hope to learn more about how to make this effort a successful program that adds to our school community's service activities.  

Students who complete 10 hours of service within the school year will be recognized for their efforts.   Below are several documents that provide additional detail, and related forms for students to use.  

FAQ for Students and Parents/Guardians - this provides an overview of the process for recording and submitting service hours.  

Tracking Form & Instructions  - print out this form to document service hours 

Local Volunteer Opportunities - this is not an exhaustive list of opportunities, but is a start for students and families who might be interested in a variety of options.  

Note to 8th grade students:  Any service hours that you complete after January 1 can be counted towards the High School community service program (since it's recorded based on the calendar year).  In other words, service hours you complete in the Spring can be included in service hours that you complete when you are a 9th grade student at the High School the following year.  So be sure to review information about the High School's program and tracking forms.  You can learn more by clicking here

For questions, please contact Debbie Brookes at