Cast List

Annie Jr. Cast List:

Molly     Zoe Newcombe
Kate Natalie Hibbard
Tessie  Reka Schneider
Pepper  Amelia O’Donnell
 Trisha Musku
 Clara Giannetto
 Adriana Korbly
Miss Hannigan Meghan Lawson
Bundles McCloskey
 Steph Campbell
Apple Seller
 Maria Paunescu
 Dina Xue
Officer Ward
 Isha Agarwal
Grace Farrell
 Isabella Mojica
 Jeffrey Wei
Mona Franzen
Sunithi Krishnan
Mrs. Greer 
Portia Thompson
Mrs. Pugh
Rubaina Hasan
Oliver Warbucks
Eli Jarsky
UsheretteRuby Lillie
Rooster Jake Henry
LilyErin Tobin
Bert HealyThomas Crowley
Sound Effects Man
Aiden Burgess
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Gus Cook
Louis Howe
Lucas Durosa
Thomas Mayer
Star-To-BeSarah Aumueller


Nina Abroff
Claire Bukowski
Katharine deBethencourt
Claire Hubner
Nadia Strange
Eleanor West


Aleen Abdelkhalek
Mayenli Achimbom
Pranav Akshath
Jillian Arthur
Wendy Barrett
Nisha Bhat
Ellie Blumberg
David Farina
Camilla Joseph
Shwetha Krishnan
Sarah Lopez
Hannah Loram
Donovan McCammon
Josie Mersereau
Kenzie Pfefferhorn
Gayatri Ramadurai
Puja Saha
Marley Smith
Sadhana Thambirajah
Sonia Wong

StageWorks is the after school Theatre Arts Program at RJ Grey Junior High in Acton, MA. 
We produce a full scale musical in the late fall and a non-musical play in the spring. 
The casting of the shows are audition based, and all students are welcome to audition for the performance roles. 
Backstage and other production jobs are open any student who wants to become involved and learn the different aspects of play production. 
Parents are highly encouraged to volunteer also.