8th to 9th Grade

High School Course Selection takes place each year in March and April. Junior High counselors work with 8th grade students to assist in the course selection and registration process.

View the presentation explaining 9th grade course selection and scheduling.

Important Dates:
February 5, 2020:  7th Grade Parents Night, 7:00 pm in the high school auditorium.  An introduction to the high school course offerings and registration process for parents and guardians of eighth grade students.  View the Parent Night Presentation handouts here.

March 2020:  Junior High Counselors visit with 8th grade students to describe the high school registration and electronic course selection process.  They review the Program of Studies and speak about the teacher recommendation process, the high school schedule, and the override and course change procedures.  The electives, activities and athletics offered at the high school are presented. 

March 2020:  8th grade teachers make course level recommendations for students. Course recommendations are entered into PowerSchool.  

March 19-26, 2020:  Power School Parent Portal is open for 8th grade students to select 9th grade courses. Please contact jpotter@abschools.org if you do not know your Parent Portal username or password.

March 26, 2020:  PowerSchool Parent Portal closes at approximately 3:30 pm.  9th grade selected courses are displayed.

March 27 through April 7 2020:  Overrides and Course Changes
The override process for high school will begin on March 27th and close on April 7.  With current school closures, the high school will be moving to an online process.  Check back for more information in the coming days.
- students and guardians may choose to override a teacher recommendation.  To do so, students must obtain an Override Form AND a Time Management Activity form from the 8th Grade RJ Grey Counseling Office by April 4th. Both forms must be completed and submitted to their junior high subject teacher by Tuesday, April 7th at 2:36 pm.  Guardians may be contacted by the High School Counseling Office (978-264-4700 x3430)  to schedule a short meeting with the high school Department Leader on Thursday, April 30, 2020. 

Any other course changes  must be completed through the RJ Grey counseling office. The deadline for all course changes (not overrides) is Friday May 1st.

April 7, 2020:  Override deadline - please submit completed override forms directly to your 8th grade subject teacher by 2:36pm.

April 30, 2020:  8th Grade Override Night at the high school with the Regional Department Leaders from 3pm to 9pm.  You will be contacted by the high school by April 23rd to schedule an appointment.

May 1, 2020:  Last day for all other course changes (not overrides)

Useful Information: