Welcome to Spanish class!

I am thrilled to be teaching you this school year. You can find me in the classroom (110E) for the following class periods or during a free in the World Language department center (119E):

per 1: Spanish AP                                     per 5: Spanish AP
per 2: Spanish AP                                     per 6: Spanish 1
per 3: Spanish 1                                        per 7: free
per 4: free                                                  per 8: free

Please visit your class page for the course specific syllabus and other documents. See below for attachments on the school wide Academic Integrity policy and the departmental participation rubric.

The World Languages Department assesses utilizing the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) World Readiness Standards for Learning Language as a guide. We believe that classroom performance leads to building language proficiency and thus we focus on what a student knows about a language as well as what one can do with it in a real world context.

See the attached document "Why should I take a language?" for more about the benefits of language learning!

Below are some beliefs that I consider important for our classroom learning environment: 
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