Welcome to "Beyond the Single Story: Comparative Culture and Global Citizenship" with Ms. Glod

I am excited to learn with you this year. Together, we will have many opportunities to stretch our minds and develop a more complex understanding of ourselves and some of the cultures, histories and peoples that share our globe. 

                       "It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story." 
Stone of the Sun, 2011 Artist: Chris Jordan
                                            Stone of the Sun, 2011        Artist: Chris Jordan  
                                                      Depicts 92,500 agricultural plant seeds, equal to one hundredth of one percent of the number of people in the world today                                                       who suffer from malnutrition. To illustrate the entire statistic with 925 million seeds would require ten thousand prints                                                   of this image, covering more than eight football fields.

                                This is the same image, zoomed in: