Welcome 8 Gold Students and Families

"Make everywhere you go better because you were there."
Mom of Greg Louganis (three-time Olympic diver)

You are on the 8 Gold Team! I hope you are as happy about this as I am to have you here. 

UPDATE TO SUPPLY LIST: For my class, you DO NOT need a notebook but you DO NEED a pack of binder filler paper that is three-hole punched. 

Once the year gets going, I will provide the following on this site:
  • A list of homework assignments
  • Links to various websites that are interesting (Smart Sites)
  • Access to important binder pages that you will need now and over the course of the year. (Important Handouts)
 Please refer to this site if you have any questions. Please also feel free to email me with any questions you may have: vweeks@abschools.org