Welcome to 8 Red Social Studies ... Prepare to Travel with Ms. Carter!
I'm excited about this coming year and hope you will bring an open mind and lots of questions to class! 
Our course is called, "Beyond the Single Story" and we will focus our study on Iran and China: their culture, history, government and current place in the world.  We will end the year with a research project.

I will be using Google Classroom a lot this year so many of the documents and sources you'll need will be on your Classroom page.
There is "Classwork" tab on your Google Classroom page on which you can find all the docs that have been handed out in class.  The I-forgot-my-binder-at-school excuse will no longer work! :)

Let's have a great year!

Looking for an online assignment?  Check out your Google Classroom site.


Extra Help This Week

Review session for the quiz on Tuesday will be during class on Monday.  

Extra Help is from 2:45 - 3:30 on most Thursdays.  I will offer Review Sessions before quizzes and Writing Workshop opportunities when we are working on a major piece of writing.

I am also available for extra help by appointment.  Stop by or send me an email so that we can arrange a time that will work!

Connect with Ms. Carter

If you're doing some homework and get stuck, email me! I will try my best to respond to emails I receive before 8pm.  


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 Welcome to our team!

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So much is going on in our world!  Our first In the News question will be on Monday, September 17th.  More to come on this extra credit opportunity.

Homework that is assigned is due the next day, unless otherwise stated.  

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