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This site is designed to help you stay organized.  You will be able to find homework assignments, upcoming projects, quizzes and test dates, team activities, helpful websites and more.  Check out the tabs to help you be better prepared for class. 

I will be using Google Classroom a lot this year so many of the documents and sources you'll need will be on your Google Classroom page.

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This Week in SS

Monday - March 13th
Lesson on Avoiding Plagiarism
HW: Exploration of Research topics

Tuesday - March 14th
HW: Continued research

Wednesday - Marc 15th
HW: Continued research 

Thursday - March 16th
Tip on making an Effective PowerPoint
Decisions on flow of presentation
HW:  Storyboard due Friday

Friday - March 17th
Image search
Build PowerPoint
HW: A Completed Storyboard with images 

Monday - Feb 27th
New Seats
Return Essays
Iran Wordle
End-of-unit survey

HW: Clean out Iran section

Tuesday - Feb 28th
China Pre-test
Review HW in small groups
Vocab Review: Fact, Opinion, Bias and Fake
HW: How do you know it's a reliable source? due tomorrow

Wednesday - March 1
Review HW 
News Source Exploration 
HW: Detecting Bias due tomorrow

Thurday - March 2
Review HW
Fake v. Real
HW: Self-Assess Class Contribution rubric for tomorrow
Friday - March 3
Fake v. Real debrief and practice
HW: 9th Grade Course Placement written response by Tuesday, 3/7

Monday - Feb 6th
Review  in terms of repression and resistance in PersepolisReview the 1979 Hostage CrisisHW: 
day - Feb 6th
Review  in terms of repression and resistancePersepolis
Review the 1979 Hostage Crisis

Monday - Feb 6th
Review  in terms of repression and resistancePersepolis
Review the 1979 Hostage Crisis
HW:  Green Revolution - use PowerPoint on Classroom - due Tuesday

Tuesday - Feb 7th
Review Green Revolution
Nuclear Deal
HW:  Each group will analyze their assigned Protest reading (pg #73) and complete Protest Reading Analysis (pg#74)

Wednesday - Feb 8th
Somebody Wanted But So Protest Activity
HW:  None

Thursday - Feb 9th - No School

Friday - Feb 1oth
Protest and Long Arm of History connection
Review of Scholarly Writing
Review Writing like a Historian
Review of Thesis Statements
HW:  Choose a Thesis Statement for Monday - look for evidence.  Remember to go on Classroom for ideas.

Monday - Jan 30th
Return Fishbbowl rubrics and recent quiz
Students will reflect on their Online Portfolio about their work
Continue our log at evaluating quotations
HW:  Islamic Republic of Iran due tomorrow. Refer to the Powerpoint on Classroom to complete the HW.

Tuesday - Jan 31st
Work with partner on Qur'an and the Veil
Friday - Feb 3rd
Complete videoPersepolis

Monday - Jan 16th - no school! 
Tuesday - Jan 17th
Return Fishbbowl rubrics                                                        
Gallery Tour of Metaphors
Begin Power and Politics 
HW:  Complete Politics and Power for Wednesday

Wednesday- Jan 18th
Review HW
Begin Operation AJAX primary source activity
HW:   Complete Coup Nuts and Bolts

Thursday- Jan 19thComplete Operation AJAX primary source activity
 and debrief
HW: 1953 Coup in Video for tomorrow

Friday- Jan 20th
Complete Video on the Coup and review
HW:  None

Monday - Jan 9th
Fishbowl on Nationalization v. Privatization of an Industry 
HW:  World War I and II reading and questions for tomorrow
Tuesday - Jan 10th
Review HW and take notes on a timeline of World War I and II and how it impacted Iran
Preview of the Cold War and the Arms Race
HW:  Begin reading on the Cold War for tomorrow

Return and Review Quizzes
Portfolio Reflections on Quiz and Persian Art 
Start Anglo-Iranian Oil Company reading and questions in class
HW: Finish AIOC for tomorrow

Wednesday 1.4
Review AIOC
Intro to Economics
 HW: Complete page #2 Notes for tomorrow

Thursday 1.5 - half day
Intro to Economics contiued

Complete Vocab on Imperialism and Sovereignty for tomorrow

Friday 1.6
Nationalization and Privitization
HW: None

Monday 11.21
Return Classroom Contribution rubric
Finish Paragraph on 3 Abrahamic religions
Finish our look on Islam
HW: Understanding Islam in Iran due tomorrow

Tuesday 11.22
Complete Understanding Islam in Iran
HW:  None

Wednesday 11.23 - Half Day
No academic classes

Monday 11.14
Scholarly Writing Practice
HW: Prophet Muhammad Vocab due tomorrow
Tuesday 11.15
Review HW
Intro to Islam
HW: Prophet Muhammad reading and questions due tomorrow

Wednesday 11.16
Writing on the Three Abrahamic Religions
HW: None

Thursday 11.7
Continue intro to Islam
HW: Classroom Contribution rubric due tomorrow
Friday 11.18
Three Abrahamic Religion connections
HW: None

Monday 11.7
8 Red Works the Polls for RJ Grey's Mock Election
HW: Refer to your What is Christianity page and Basics about Christianity to complete the Venn Diagram on Judaism and Christianity due Wednesday

Tuesday 11.8 - No School
HW: Refer to your What is Christianity page and Basics about Christianity to complete the Venn Diagram on Judaism and Christianity due Wednesday
Wednesday 11.9
Election discussion
Using Quotations
HW: Judaism and Christianity Quotations due tomorrow
Thursday 11.10
Christianity/Judaism Review

Monday 10.31
Presidential Election Discussion
Collect HW
Review What is Christianity and Venn Diagram
HW: Intro to the Prophet Muhammad due tomorrow

Thursday 11.10 - shortened classes
Intro to Islam
HW: None

Friday 11.11 - No School
Hand back the Back Story and review good notetaking
Students work in groups to create a meme/skit about your group's part of the quote
HW: Enjoy the Long Weekend!

Monday 10.31
Hand back the Back Story 
Students work in groups to create a meme/skit about your group's part of the quote
HW: Happy Halloween!

Tuesday 11.1
Intro 18-pt quiz:  Review Sheet
Thinking Like a Social Scientist:  Intro to Religion

HW: Using the Review Sheet, review Iran the Back Story and Long Arm of History, pages 11-13 in the Iran section.  Answer key is on Classroom.

Wednesday 11.2
Take Iran's Long Arm of History Quiz
Analysis of Abraham and Isaac Story
Drawing some conclusions about Judaism
HW:  A Look at the Ten Commandments

Thursday 11.3
Review HW
Draw some conclusions about Judaism
Intro to the Parables of Jesus
HW: None

Friday 11.4
Venn Diagram between Judaism and Christianity
Intro to Notetaking
Intro to Islam
HW: None

Monday 10.24
First half of the period, finish up Organizing My Thinking and turn in
Review and complete, Iran the Back Story
Update your Snapshot on Iran
HW:  If not done in class, Iran, the Back Story

Tuesday 10.25
Return Iran by the Numbers
Update your Online Portfolio with your Vocab Quiz and Iran by the Numbers
Review Iran, the Back Story
HW:   Long Arm of History on Classroom, do just the assigned artifact - due tomorrow

Wednesday 10.26
Review Long Arm of History
Have students make a "long arm" together in class

Thursday 10.27
Working with quotes - Stephen Kinzer from All the Shah's Men
HW:   Update SnapShot of Iran

Friday 10.28
Review Using Facts as Supporting Evidence
Review Scholarly Writing
HW: None 

Monday 10.17
Return Vocab 1 Quiz
Demographics of Iran
HW:  If not done in class, complete the TWO questions only on Part 3 (Do not do the map) 

Tuesday 10.18
Four Corners Discussion on Iran
Word Splash on Iran
HW:  Iran by the Numbers due on Thursday (both map and writing)

Wednesday 10.19
Review Supporting Evidence
and Critical Thinking
HW:  Iran by the Numbers due on Thursday (both map and writing)
Thursday 10.20
Review Model of Organizing my Thinking
Work on Organizing my Thinking on the Presidential Election

HW:   NoneFriday 10.21Organizing My Thinking Writing during classHW:  None

Monday 10.10
No School

Tuesday 10.11
No School

Wednesday 10.12
No School

Thursday 10.13
Intro to Demographics 
Group data collection on Iran
HW:  Review Practice Vocab Quiz on line to prepare for tomorrow's quiz.

Friday 10.14
Vocab quiz
Continue data collection on Iran
HW:  Data analysis due Monday
Monday 10.3
No School
Tuesday 10.4
Return Our Cultural Lens project grades
Reflect on project feedback
Picturing Iran:  Pre-unit Word Cloud on Iran 

HW:  Weird or Just Different? due Thursday on Classroom

Wednesday 10.5 - shortened classes
Mapping Iran
Mapping the World

HW:  Weird or Just Different? due Thursday on Classroom

Thursday 10.6
Watch Rick Steves Iran
Take notes on video

HW:  Practicing Your Vocab due Friday

Friday 10.7
Finish Rick Steves Iran
Review HW

HW: None

Monday 9.26
Ideology and the Single Story
Frayer Models on Key Vocabulary

HW:  Complete Growing Your Vocabulary on Classroom if not completed in Class - you may use all four of your brown Frayer Model hand-outs

Tuesday 9.27
Political Ideology
Introducing the Candidates

HW:  None

Wednesday 9.28
Presidential Debate Analysis

HW:  Loaded Language (on Classroom) due tomorrow

Thursday 9.29
Pro-Con - discovering more of your political ideology

HW:  None

Friday 9.30
Exploring Candidate Websites
Your Political Ideology

HW:  None

Monday 9.19
Review of Non-Material Culture
Intro to Our Cultural Lens project

HW:  None

Tuesday 9.20
Group work on Our Cultural Lens project

HW:  None

Wednesday 9.21
Finish Our Cultural Lens project
Gallery Walk
TED Talk:  "Weird or Just Different?"

HW:  Complete Reflecting on our Cultural Lens - due on Friday

Thurday 9.22 - half day
Ethnocentrism and Ideology

HW:  Complete Reflecting on our Cultural Lens - due on Friday

Friday 9.23
TED Talk:  "The Danger of a Single Story"
Reflection and Discussion

HW:  None

Monday 9.12
Putting culture in context

HW:  Reflection on Culture in Context due Tuesday

Tuesday 9.13
Culture in Context Debrief
Non-material culture


Wednesday 9.14
Common Assessment


Thursday 9.15
Getting on Google


Friday 9.16 - shortened classes

Monday 9.5
NO School!
Tuesday 9.6
Social Studies Overview
HW:  Questions 1 & 2 of Class Contribution page due tomorrow

Wednesday 9.7
Building Class Norms
HW:  Complete Student Info Card for Friday

Thursday 9.8
Norms review
Western Frayer Model
Material Culture Brainstorm

HW:  Complete Student Info Card for Friday

Friday 9.9
Social Studies DDM

Thursday 9.1
You will be having short classes today so that you can meet all your teachers.
HW:  Bring in all your social studies supplies for Tuesday, Sept. 6th  
Here's a copy of the Homework Page

Friday 9.2
No School!

Thursday - March 2


8 Red Social Studies HW