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       Douglas Day is tomorrow Monday, June 2th. Look for a note that was put in your child’s folder on Friday with the color your child selected for her/his team shirt. All are welcome to join us for field events as well as for lunch, which is from 12:20-12:45. I will have blankets set outside our classroom door for the class picnic. Please join the picnic with your child if you can.

   Friday was the last Homework for this year. This Friday will be our last Spelling Test. Please return any Dot Books you may have at home.

  Last week began our final Science Unit- exploration of organisms. The first organisms we are studying are plants. We looked at the “baby” plant inside a seed and planted “mystery seeds” to observe plant growth. This week, we will also observe the similarities and differences between moss and tree seedlings and then we will observe water plants before we move onto our last interesting group of organisms. Ask your child to tell you what they have learned so far.

Please mark your calendars – Monday, June 16th. The Parent/Child Conferences will be from 2-2:30 followed by our end-of the- year- party. The Conferences are my favorite end of the year event. Their purpose is to give your child the opportunity to share her/his academic growth with you. It would be best if younger siblings did not attend, as this will be a special time for you and your child together, to celebrate personal academic progress and accomplishments (also the room will be very crowded). The end of the year party/picnic will be from 2:30-3:15 pm and everyone is welcome to attend.












Stephanie Ingraham
Grade 1

Important Dates:

* Parent/ Child Conference - 6/16 @ 2:00

Weekly Schedule:

 11:15-12 Extra Special about every other week 

1:35-2:20 Music
2:40-3:10 Library

9:20-10:20 Computer Lab

  Snack Cart 
4th Grade Buddies Meet

1:20-1:50 Japanese
2:30-3:15 Art