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February 2017

I hope you all had a relaxing break with your families and enjoyed the spring-like weather. 

The following items came home in the Friday Folder this weekend:
  • Math Module 11 Quiz with an attached reflection for you to sign.
  • Human Growth and Development form for you to review, sign and return to school by April 10.
This week we started to discuss the ELA MCAS. The students completed one practice test. We then reviewed and practiced good reading habits and skills using the sample text. This week we will focus on planning and writing complete open responses. Besides practices in school, you can expect students to bring home a MCAS practice packet each week. The packet will go home on Monday and is expected to be returned on Friday. All open responses require a graphic organizer or an outline as well as a handwritten response on a separate sheet of paper. 

On Wednesday, the students eagerly started the new book groups and engaging discussions emerged about the similarities and differences among the books already. The selections include Wrinkle of Time, Messenger, Gathering Blue, Ender's Game and City of Ember. Reading groups meet twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. They discuss one teacher-directed question and one question they posed themselves. Students read independently at home and are expected to write evidence-based sticky notes to aid in the upcoming discussion. 

In math, we will be finishing our Expression and Equations Unit on Monday and will start to review both units 4 and 5 for the reminder of the week. Students will receive a review packet on Monday that is due on Thursday. Besides reviewing for the test this week, we will also work on a hands-on project related to algebraic equations. 

Our time spent on the Egypt Unit is coming to an end with the wrapping of the egyckens on Monday, review for the test on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Egypt unit test on Thursday and the Burial Ceremony on Friday.  The students worked cooperatively to finish all necessary burial items and I have to say there are some fantastic amulets, canopic jars, book of the dead, sarcophagi and pyramids waiting for the "hen" mummies. 

The last science rotation has started. The students are working with Mrs. Acheson on climate change. Their current  library time has changed to Tuesday.

January 2017

Along with the new year, we are starting our next social studies unit of Ancient Egypt. We will be learning about another river civilization and why early people settled along the Nile River. The focus this week was the geography and the early history of ancient Egypt.

In math we are finishing up our ratio, rates and percent unit. This proportional thinking is required for the following unit of expressions and equations so we are spending much time setting up problems and showing all steps of the process. I hope these become second nature before moving into unit 4. Next week is the unit test so students will be given a homework packet as a "practice test" to review for the test on Friday. We will discuss the packet before the test so that they have it as a study resource.

In ELA students are practicing presentation and public speaking skills by presenting the biography slides they have created about a person of interest to them. The presentations range from sports to historical figures and everyone in between. Students have access to these online presentations, so if they have not shown it to you yet, you might want to ask for your own showing. I am always amazed at how well versed the students are with the features technology has to offer. Aside from the informational features, the 6th graders added important facts about their personality based on their own research using the computer as well as a biography they read. 

Starting Monday, Officer Mike will be coming in to teach the I-Safe program. He will talk to the students about internet and technology safety as well as drug and alcohol awareness. These are high-interest topics for the students and they have many questions. I wanted you to be aware of the topics so you can help students navigate them as questions might come up even outside of school. 

Upcoming Dates:
1/9/17       I-Safe starts
1/13          Vocabulary Unit 3 Test
                 Math Unit 3 Test
1/16          No school
1/17          Energy quiz #2
1/19          Early Release

Have a safe and healthy 2017

September 15, 2016

We successfully completed our first full week of school and are starting to settle into our daily routines. We finished our getting to know activities such as the extended name tag, the Important Book pages, and the "writing from the heart" pictures. You will get to admire your children's creations on Open House Night, September 27. 

As a class we decided on classroom rules and have been practicing these along with daily routines. Respect and fun are the two key points students wanted to include so we mix working hard with short games or movements to energize us. Ask them about the "twist."

In reading, we have been focusing on the reading process and the many strategies we can use to help ourselves understand and enjoy a text. We are halfway through the book The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger. Students have picked independent reading books to get them started on their reading adventure for the year. 

In narrative writing, we are learning techniques that work from other writers. We analyzed a small moment piece and wrote two goals to focus on for our own writing. Students are now in the process of collecting ideas for small moment stories so we can start to draft these narratives next week.

In social studies, the five themes of geography were introduced with an ear worm of a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIqC79WrpKg After discussing and taking notes on each theme in more depth, students picked a city to demonstrate their understanding of the topic. They researched their city and assembled the posters in school today. Their city posters will be on display on Open House Night.

In math, we started Unit 1 about Integers. So far we covered the classification of numbers, and how to identify, compare and plot them on number lines. Students have been able to finish their classwork in school and therefore have not had any math homework. We do give them an optional worksheet with each Module and some students have been completing those for extra practice and review. They also have been given their user name and access code for the online textbook  www.my.hrw.com which provides additional practices and reteaching videos.

In science, we practiced thinking and acting like a scientist by designing a bridge made out of paper to support the load of 100 pennies. We have some great engineers among us as several successful designs emerged. This week we started with our meteorology, ocean and atmosphere unit and have already conduced two investigations showing how the sun, oceans and the atmosphere work together to create weather patterns. 

The homework each night consists of reading - either for pleasure or assigned - studying, reviewing materials, keeping up with the organization of the binder, and working on parts of projects. The homework is posted on the calendar of my classroom website. On the website are also links to the updated table of contents (TOCs) and links to websites. 

August 2016

Hello Room 13 Superhero -

Welcome to 6th grade at Gates!  We are continuing our theme from last year Super you, Super me; Superheroes we all can be - so be ready for an exciting ride. As you know, heroes take risks and accept challenges when going on their journey. They never give up and in the end succeed. I am thrilled to be your guide on your journey through your last year at Gates. Let's make it a memorable one.

School is still two weeks away, but preparations have started. I will be in my room preparing on most days, so if you want to swing by, say hello or drop materials off, please feel free to do so. The first two days of school will be spent getting to know each other, setting up our classroom, and sharing summer memories as well as goals for this year. I look forward to hearing about your summer adventures and your dreams and expectations for your last elementary school year.  

If you have time, explore the website a little, so you become familiar with it.  Mrs. Montepeluso, Mrs. Acheson and I will be posting homework, tests and quizzes on the homework/calendar link daily.  I mention all three teachers because you will be rotating to each classroom for Science. 

    Mrs. Montepeluso    - Science/Energy 
    Mrs. Acheson           - Science/Climate Change 
    Mrs. Conley              - Science/Weather 

Our Specials are as follows:
    Tuesday                    - Music
    Wednesday               - P.E.
    Thursday                   - Band or rotating specials (Music/P.E./Art)
    Friday                        - Art

I am excited to be your teacher and look forward to meeting you real soon.  

Mrs. Conley

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