Dear Students and Families of 7 Blue,

I am so looking forward to a year full of wondering and discovering with you in English class.  Please use this site often, as one of the many resources available to you and your success this year.  Before you explore all that this site has to offer, please take a moment to read the notes below.


Mr. Hanlon

How to use this site:

Here you will find lots of helpful information about English class including due dates for assignments.  This site can be useful, if you have been absent, to see what assignments you have missed, and to make sure that you have copied your assignments down correctly in class.

This site is updated as regularly as I am able, so that it will be of value to you.

HOWEVER,  this site is NOT meant to be a replacement for lessons taught or activities done in class.  Students are expected to listen carefully to directions in class and to copy down all assignments into their plan books from the in-class Homework Board.  The Homework Board always has the most up-to-date assignments and due dates.