Welcome to Mr. T’s

Science Class

This year, we will be learning about 3 major realms of science:

Autumn/early winter:  Biology

Winter/early spring: Chemistry

Spring: Physics

Textbooks:  I will be giving you textbooks for each of the 3 realms, as we get to them.  You will need to cover them (creatively) and keep them nice.  You will be returning each as we finish with them, in the same exact condition.

Notebooks: You will need to keep an organized 3 ring binder with divided sections for:

1.)   Homework

2.)   Class sheets

3.)   Notes

4.)   Lab experiments

5.)   Quizzes and tests

If you need a binder, come see me- I encourage you to RECYCLE binders from previous years to cut down on WASTE.

T-BUCKS:  these are the class currency- they can be used to hand in assignments late (1 T-buck per day late), or re-do assignments that you want a better grade on (1 T-buck per assignment).  T-bucks can be acquired by being a member of a winning team in an in-class event, or by being seen by me doing something that is nice for someone else. (No staging of niceness!!! I can tell!!! (make it real….)

Homework:  You will be assigned homework several times a week.  It is expected that you complete it.  You will be assessed on homework through quizzes at least every other week or so.

Late assignments:  You will be assigned many lab experiments and projects.  They will have a due date.  You can hand them in late, but they will lose 10% per day late, for the first 5 days.  You can still hand them in within 10 days, but the highest score you can earn will be 50%.

Grading: grades are determined on a points-possible basis:

          Classwork: 5-10 points each

Quizzes: 10-20 points each

          Tests: 50-100 points each

          Projects: 50-100 points each

Groups: For labs and projects, you often will be put into groups of 2-4 people.  On RARE occasions, I will let you pick your own groups.  When assigned to a group however, the expectation is to work your hardest, and be a productive and valued member of the group.   Often, your score will be affected by your participation in the group.

My Websitehttps://sites.google.com/a/abschools.org/mr-t-s-space/home

          -use this website to stay current on homework and other assignments


EXTRA HELP:  My permanent after school help day is Tuesday afternoons, without appointment.  However, I am here after school most days, so check in with me during any day to make an appointment that afternoon.

ASK QUESTIONS!  I look forward to a fun, informative year with you, and want you to feel comfortable asking useful questions at any appropriate time. (during class, lunch or after school- you pick!) Bring a friend if you are shy!

Remember, science is built on asking and answering informed questions!