Welcome to Mr. T’s

Science Class

This year, we will be learning about 3 major realms of science:

Autumn/early winter:  Biology

Winter/early spring: Chemistry

Spring: Physics

Textbooks:  I will be giving you textbooks for each of the 3 realms, as we get to them.  You will need to cover them (creatively) and keep them nice.  You will be returning each as we finish with them, in the same exact condition.

Notebooks: You will need to keep an organized 3 ring binder with divided sections for:

1.)   Homework/Class handouts/ Notes

2.)   Lab experiments

3.)   Quizzes and tests

If you need a binder, come see me- I encourage you to RECYCLE binders from previous years to cut down on waste.

Homework:  You will be assigned homework several times a week.  The assignments are posted on the 8 RED Homework Calendar, accessed through the RJ GREY website.  It is expected that you complete the assignments in order to stay current with class discussions and activities.  You will be assessed on your homework completion through quizzes at least every other week or so.

Late assignments:  Major assignments such as lab experiments and projects will have due dates.  You can hand them in late, but they will lose 10% per day late, for the first 5 days.  The latest you can hand them in is 10 days late. (Highest score at that point will be 50%)

Grading: grades are determined on a points-possible basis:

          Classwork: 5-10 points each

Quizzes: 10-20 points each

          Tests: 50-100 points each

          Projects/Lab Experiments: 50-100 points each

Groups: For labs and projects, you often will be put into groups of 2-4 people.  On RARE occasions, I will let you pick your own groups.  When assigned to a group however, the expectation is to work your hardest, and be a productive and valued member of the group.   Often, your score will be affected by your participation in the group.

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EXTRA HELP  You can come see me after school without an appointment on Wednesdays.  On any other day, check with me in the morning to make sure I am available. ( I usually am!)   

ASK QUESTIONS!  I look forward to a fun, informative year with you, and want you to feel comfortable asking useful questions at any appropriate time. (during class, lunch or after school- you pick!) Bring a friend if you are shy!  We are all human- if you get behind on an assignment and think you need extra time, come see me and we can discuss a solution together!

Remember, science is built on asking and answering informed questions!

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