The Merriam School Band Program

Welcome to the Merriam School Band Program! 
Playing a musical instrument and participating in a musical organization fosters intellectual, creative and personal growth.  The study of music teaches responsibility, teamwork, mental discipline, creative problem-solving, listening skills, and flexible ways of thinking.  It’s an education for life...that provides a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music, a sense of personal accomplishment, builds self-confidence and is fun!

Our program provides every grade 5 and 6 student an opportunity to learn to play a school band instrument.  These include flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone and percussion (bell kit - orchestra bells w/ snare drum practice pad).  Lessons are provided in like-instrument groups for beginner and advanced classes.  These lessons take place before school for 30 minutes one day per week.  Additionally, each school will have a full band rehearsal scheduled weekly in the first hour of the school day.  Other instruments are available with special consideration arranged with the program director (ie - French horn, oboe, etc.). 

We look forward to working with these young musicians as they begin their journey down this musical path!!

Start up dates:
•  2nd year lessons begin the week of September 18th.
•  1st year lessons begin the week of September 25th.
•  If you need to rent an instrument, we are holding a rental pick up on Friday, September 22nd, 4 - 6pm, at the ABRHS caf.
Mark Hickey
Director of Performing Arts
978-264-4700 x3415

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