Merriam Publications

Merriam and the AB School District publish a series of informational documents for parents, perspective families, visitors and staff. See links to online versions below; paper versions are available in the Merriam Office. 

Japan Day The Merriam Community News newsletters are produced with the cooperation of the Merriam School and volunteer parents in order to keep the Merriam community up to date and informed. They are invaluable sources of information for Merriam parents. 

 Welcome to Merriam Elementary School is a trifold brochure that introduces the school, our mission and core values, assessment at Merriam, our project-based curriculum and our community. It includes suggestions for further reading. 

 Merriam School Visitor's Guide is an introductory booklet that briefly explains our mission and vision statements, core values, structures and strategies, school and parent organizations and related topics. It also covers curriculum, typical projects and student rights and responsibilities. 

 Merriam Handbook is an in-depth booklet that covers everything in the Visitor's Guide but in greater detail. It provides complete coverage of Merriam's policies and procedures, Acton Public School's student rights and standards of conduct and the code of ethics for teachers and volunteers. 

 Parent Involvement at Merriam Elementary School is a trifold brochure that helps parents get involved at Merriam, including an FAQ on the subject and a list of further web resources. 

 Student-Led Conferences at Merriam Elementary School is a trifold brochure that describes student-led conferences—how they work, why we use them and suggestions for parent involvement. 

 Merriam School Improvement Plan describes ongoing work on Merriam School improvement goals. 

 Merriam School Homework Guide helps parents and students with their homework. The guide includes the amount of homework support for each grade level, age of child, and learning needs and style.