I'm loving having fun classes with Jumpropes and Tag Games!  K students are learning about moving bodies, using equipment in Personal Space, and Safe Travel.   Check your children's PE day here.  :)

Looking to try a new exercise routine?  Try the 9-minute Body Weight Strength Challenge!

Students were rocking with the Crocodile River Music group at All School Meeting! 5-5-17  Cool chance to learn about music & instruments from all over the world.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Try the Fruit & Veggie Challenge- aim for 5 servings a day or add one to your day.  Try 3 bites of a new fruit or veggie! So many students are trying it!  Are you?
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Scientists have documented benefits to health and stress reduction from Meditating.  The NY Times offers some simple background and ways to get started at this linked article I can recommend the free
 Headspace App as a great way to start with just 10 minute sessions/day!

YouTube Video: 6th Grade KanJam


YouTube Video: Forehand for KanJam

Loved the 4th, 5th, 6th Graders' openness to trying something new last June:  KanJam!
Other Frisbee games are:  Disc Golf (try the Devens course) and Ultimate Frisbee




No matter how many new fandangled games are developed, children always love a round of Helicopter or jumping anytime a grown-up swings a rope with a steady pace!

Check out the funny, surprise visitor to some cyclists' ride below:

Ostrich races with cyclists

Or the juggler who solves 3 Rubric's cubes. 

Juggling while solving 3 Rubrics' cubes

Check out the awesome 4-square game Martha's 5th grade class (now 7th graders!) created (and 3rd graders adapted) with clear, fair rules for whom to target (so kids in squares 1, 2, 3 get a chance).  Great work making a welcoming recess game!

3rd & 5th Adapted 4-Square

Try out The 12 Days of Fitness from our June 5 Theme Day 
(click on list to left) ... or exercises for parents to try with their kids at the NY Times 7-Minute Work-Out

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