Distance Learning Activities
Fitness/Energizing/Skill-based activities
"PE at Home" Activities & Adapted Games
Calming Activities

Drumming! (you can use a chair with pillows & 2 wooden spoons)
 Learn a new dance move!

Learn to Moon Walk


Learn to Arm Wave

 Go Noodle:  How to Floss

Learn the Floss Dance


Wow!  So many 2nd-6th grade classes are having fun with the Rock, Paper, Scissors games Evolution & The Biggest Fan!  See why:

YouTube Video


YouTube Video

Ghostbusters!  So many ghosts (pins) to bust, so little time!  Here's how 2nd grade played with bowling only.  Can you teach your family to play in a safe space at home?

2nd Grade Bowling Ghostbusters

Messy Backyard!  A silly basis for a game which, of course, children of all ages love!  Clean up your backyard by throwing or tapping any ball on your side over the net to the other yard before the whistle blows.

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In Feb. or March, most classes play a tag game that starts as Crows & Cranes and morphs into "Everyday Foods & Sometimes Foods."  Two lines of taggers face each other in the center of the gym, about 6 feet apart.  Student helpers or I call out a food.  If it is a food that the doctor or CDC website would consider a choice for everyday eating, the Everyday team chases the Sometimes team to their side.  Ice cream, peanut butter and Pizza cause confusion and elicit discussion.  For more CDC nutritional guidance and ideas, visit Developing Healthy Eating Habits and Choose My Plate.
 Click on photo to enlarge.  We take a minute to..
4th graders also wrote down healthier food choices (in more and less columns) they would try
 look at the My Plate posters on the gym walls.

Flying Squirrel!  I think it is so awesome that 3rd-6th graders get to do this at school!  Plus it is a great Teamwork activity.  Challenge-by-choice means that children choose whether to be a Flying Squirrel, how fast they want to be lifted and whether they are moving while flying.


Sleigh Ride!  Turn a carpet square over the soft side is down, grab a rope and someone close to your size, and let the fun begin!  Kids love being the horse or reindeer and pulling a friend as much as riding on the one-horse open sleigh.  :)

Castleball is a favorite game for grades 3-6!  Here are the 4th & 5th graders playing in the fall & Dec.

4th Grade Castleball

 Nice defense!
Nice effort on Teamwork for rebuilding.

Merriam's PE Night on Oct 29:  Thanks so much for coming out on a school night for some PE fun!

 Climbers with spotters and a game of Helicopter
 Helicopter with the "wand"
 Fun making an igloo and scooching inward.
 Sharks & Lifeguards!
 Warm ups: