Field Work

        As we are working on this solution to storage, we have recently been developing ideas about what we are going to do. We have decided on a model that we will use for solving the problem.
        Also, our classmates are currently writing letters about our problem to Mr. Futterer and the fire department.They are also writing to Charles D. Hibbard, so we can plan out what the shelves are going to look like after the fire department comes and shows us what we're allowed to do within the fire code and what we're not. We are calling some architects; we're thinking what materials the architect would use. Additionally, we are planning where to put the buckets.

        Our next step is to develop a 3D model of our diagram which will lead to the building of the actual product. Depending on the response of the fire chief, we will decide where to place this system of storage. We are hoping that we will be able to put this under the bulletin board, just as we planned. We know, for a fact, that all the students in this class want new storage and we think this diagram will work out to be perfect while under the bulletin board.

        The Acton fire department has just recently paid us a visit and mentioned places where it is safe to place our storage system. We are able to put it under the bulletin board! We are now going to have to make a cardboard demo model leading to the real product. Our classmates are now working on writing letters to carpenters to get an idea of the material we are going to use.

        We are determined to show the community what we are capable of, thus further groups have been made to showcase the expert visits that have taken place. Additionally, we have now established cardboard models of our current idea of what our shelves will look like. Like Mr. Cail says, "The best class of a town, should get the best storage of the town". 

      Charles D. Hibbard, the architect we wrote to with anticiption of him helping us, has recently conversed with our classroom with an immense amount of experience behind him. Earlier today, we received high end blue prints from him, and it showed what the shelves will look like in the eyes of an architect. It also showed us how the buckets are going to be arranged efficiently. We are hoping that with the help of the middle school's workshop, we will be able to build our storage system according to Charles' blue prints.