Below is Mr. Cail's class WORDLE!

        Hurrah!  This is the stage that has been much anticipated by those of our class. Finally after 3 months of  preparation, we are ready to start building! Mr. Cail, our teacher, has just recently purchased 30 buckets from Ace Hardware in Acton at a fraction of their original cost due to Mr. Cail's amazing business skills! We are now negotiating with the manager, Mr. Patel, of the local Home Depot for the prices of the costly $ 400 plywood, as our budget is limited at only $ 300. Mr. Cail has a feeling that we must tap into our skills of persuasion to lower the price of these plywood  planks. As we do not have our own wood shop, we will have to communicate with our town's middle school principal to use their work shop. We are planning to start building in 3 days' time. 

        Over the weekend, Mr. Cail met up with his friend who is a carpenter. They went around collecting  plywood from fellow Douglas families. They then cropped the wood the associating size according to the blueprints. We know have the buckets, wood dimensions, and the wood segments. We are also cutting the handles off of the buckets with metal cutters as there is no need for them for our specific project. We will be utterly ready for the real construction in one week but our deadline is coming up in 9 days so we will have to build the final product in two days' time.

        Today we've got to bang it out as today is building day! Eric, Mr. Cail's friend, is taking his time and spending the whole school day with us. He came in with plentiful rough plywood planks, ready to be drilled, screwed and sanded.