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  • On the main page with your course's title (e.g., English 3H), you will find a general course overview. 
  • Clicking the weekly calendar page for your course will take you to a calendar with reminders about homework and links to materials handed out in class on each day. This is the link you will use the most!
  • The class blog link will take you to the place you'll periodically post your work.
  • The archived handouts link will take you to a folder of materials for the course listed in the order they were distributed.

If you have any questions about your work or how to use this site, please email me at smann@abschools.org.
               Where to find me (Spring 2018):

                 Period 1 - 215E
                 Period 2 - 202E
                 Period 3 - 202E
                 Period 4 - 215E
                 Period 5 - 210E
                 Period 6 - Library
                 Period 7 - 212E
                 Period 8 - 207E

              Writing conferences will be available several days a week during
              Periods 1, 6, and 8. 
To schedule a conference, send me an email.
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