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Language Arts

As we start the year, I try to spend time really getting to know the kids as readers. A great launching off point is to write about and discuss books we loved, and books we hated! While books that speak to us and show us ourselves reflected in the characters can be very influential, books we strongly dislike can also teach us about our preferences in the books we choose. We'll be creating timelines with important milestones in our lives as readers. This will help us reflect on how far we've come, and set goals for what we want to achieve this year.

Our first chapter book read aloud is Sharon Creech's Granny Torelli Makes Soup. I love to read this at the beginning of the loop because it is a wonderful story about changing friendships and the challenges that come along with that, while still being a very funny, light-hearted story. It also reminds me of my own Italian grandmother! 

In writing, we're starting off with some small assignments where students can ease back into the routine of writing, and also give me some more information about themselves. Our first writing assignment was simply "Who are you?" Not only does this give me a chance to get more information about the students, but I find how they choose to answer the prompt and what they choose to say or leave out to be very informative. We've also written short check-ins on the year so far.

Next up, we will be doing some more formal assessments, in reading, writing and spelling.